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The New Morality Of Laziness

Work is immoral... according to Leftists, where getting a job is tantamount to fascism.

If today’s entire Leftist movement can be encapsulated in a single tweet, this has to be it:

This really is the modern liberal mission statement in every way possible — from the text to the picture to the author.

First, let’s take a look at the brilliant mind that captured the current progressive zeitgeist. Here is the Twitter bio.

Comedian ”¢ Queen of Nuance ”¢ You can support me at ”¢ Or buy naked pics of me for ten bucks at ”¢ PS. I’m trans

London, UK

Checking the bio, we see this is a transsexual individual from London. In other words, it’s a man pretending to be a woman, living in London. So we’re starting off with someone with some serious problems to begin with.

He’s a wanna-be comedian, who is going nowhere in life. So he is begging for money on Patreon and selling naked photos of himself online.

So right out of the gate, we know we’re dealing with a serious thinker.

This guy has a dream of earning a living as a comedian, but he truly sucks at it. His Patreon has links to his Tumblr accounts, podcast, and “humor” magazine. Most of which seems less aimed at being comedy and instead more of a public therapy session. One Tumblr account is imaginary conversations between Jesus Christ and Judas Iscariot, in which Jesus asks Judas for advice. All of it painfully unfunny! No wonder he’s forced to hit up people for rent money.

He could get a job, but that’s beneath him. It’s far more important to whine on social media. That’s where the future lies!

Maybe as the reader, you think it’s unfair to critique the background and bio of this person. Maybe you think his tweet statement should only be judged on its own merit. To which I reply, that’s ridiculous!

Like most liberals, he rants online about how evil and bigoted Christians and conservatives are.

Yet, he then declares that having a job is immoral! He is inserting his own morality here to alibi for his laziness. He can’t be bothered to get a job and thus declares “there’s nothing moral about work”.

He thinks there are “basic human rights to food, water, shelter, and health care (among other things) whether or not you work.” What “other things”? Free sex change operations? Free Molotov cocktails for the next Antifa protest?

Human history is one long struggle for survival, driven by the need to acquire the basic needs for life — food, clothing, and shelter. When people are poor and in need, it is our duty to help and care for the needy. BUT it is not our duty to work so that lazy, entitled “comedians” can avoid getting off the couch. That’s slavery of the working class for the benefit of those receiving the free stuff.

The photo on the tweet has him dressed as a woman, sitting in front of a photo that states, “Never Work.” No, that would be awful! Make sure others work for you. You know, like a slave master.

And for anyone who thinks this was a joke, believe me that he’s not that funny or creative. Here’s a couple more tweets to prove his seriousness.

Soooooo … Communism! Yeah, that worked out great the last few genocides.

This is obviously a nobody on the internet, but it points to a larger attitude among Leftists, which is why it matters. That is their amazing claims of moral authority.

And herein lies the problem of the libertarian trend in conservatism. As conservatives, it doesn’t work to say “Live and let live. It doesn’t matter what people do. There is no point in fighting for morality.” Because, the Left does believe there is a new morality, one based on their modern culture and changing times. They believe very strongly that their positions are the very definition of morality now. And YOU are expected to live according to that new morality!

They believe that traditional moral beliefs are a threat and need to be stamped out. They won’t let you “live and let live.” So they make bold proclamations of absolute truths that they are the only arbiters of right and wrong. Meanwhile, modern laissez-faire attitudes toward social conservatism and libertarianism say that morality can’t be fought over in the public square.

Individuals are drawn to people who are strong and firm in their beliefs. And those who are not attracted to those strong beliefs are intimidated into silence by the leftwing aggressive positioning. The only way to counter such bold lies from the Left is by boldly declaring the eternal truth of morality as declared in God’s Law. Even in relation to the most basic things like “The one who is unwilling to work shall not eat.”

If we don’t clearly delineate right from wrong, others will. And we won’t like what that looks like.


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