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How Planned Parenthood Gaslights Its Own People is customary for habitual abusers of women.

Hey, Politifact–you may want to take a look at this one… Hello? Politifact? (they hung up.)

The ghouls at Planned Parenthood have never been exemplars of honesty, but a statement they tweeted out Thursday set a new low, even for them, for blatant disregard for truth. In a very real way, it’s unusually egregious because this time they are using deceit to manipulate and hurt the very women they claim to care for.

Here’s the whopper in question:

This is more than a regular lie. PP typically distorts the truth by obfuscation or lies of omission. Here, however, they’re unapologetically stating things they are fully aware are bald-faced lies–especially incendiary ones. They know this is like yelling “FIRE” in a crowded theater, but it’s more like doing it in a burn unit. This is the singular trigger at the heart of their donors’ deepest phobias, and they’re more than glad to exploit it for their own gain.

I’m going to ignore the basic propaganda elements in this (“biased”, “health”, etc.); these come with the territory. What’s exceptionally gross is their choice to outright claim the canard that overturning Roe would outlaw abortion–a common misconception that Planned Parenthood relies upon, like vampires who depend on blood for sustenance. It’s easily Googleable–they could quickly debunk this misunderstanding, but of course the myth is fuel for their cause, so it conveniently and consistently goes unchecked.

Not this time, however. With zero reservation, the mouthpiece of the PP cabal on social media declared in no uncertain terms that overturning Roe (really, PP v Casey [1992], but whatevs, right?) would ban abortion. These Trump-appointed justices would overturn Roe and “create a world where abortion is illegal”.

[Steps up, taps mic a couple times, clears throat…]


The pro-abortion leadership has been misleading everyone for years. Now they’re just directly lying to your face, with no regard for your intelligence, treating even their own supporters with contempt for their presumed gullibility. The mythical “world where abortion is illegal” does not follow the undoing of Roe v Wade by any legal rationale whatsoever. Even the hazy, somewhat chaotic aftermath of a Roe reversal would be utterly infertile soil to create an America devoid of abortion: some number of states–between fourteen and twenty, depending on who’s counting–would indeed become legally abolitionist by default at that point. Most states would not. What’s critical though, the real change, is that The People would then be allowed to handle the question. Democratically.

The evidence of Planned Parenthood’s flagrant, intentional gaslighting is evident right in the photo tacked onto the tweet. Their 72% number for opposition to overturning Roe is inextricably tied to the false belief–perpetuated in the tweet itself–as to what an overturn actually means. This is abundantly clear from recent polling; PP, of course, would rather you didn’t know about such polling.

Gallup just released their most current findings about abortion views in America. Turns out—wait for it–53% believe abortion should be illegal (with an “i”) in most circumstances.

Reread that stat. Come back when the cognitive dissonance abates. I’ll wait for you over here in the corner.

On the other hand, only 43% of Americans believe it should be legal in “all or most cases”. That’s the thing: that opinion is precisely what Roe v Wade entails. To put it another way, 72% of voters apparently support a decision that enshrines a legal position only 43% of voters believe in. So, either: almost 30% of voters disagree with themselves, or, they didn’t understand the question. And to be clear, I’m not blaming them. When their elected representatives, mainstream journalists, and the key activists “educating” them knowingly participate in a misinformation campaign to protect their “Precious” from the dangerous hands of, well…voters…it’s no wonder some measure of confusion persists.

… Which perhaps brings us to the best place to land this particular plane of thought. Whenever you see a poll touting puzzlingly high support for Roe v Wade, you should ask yourself–better yet, ask a pollster, or journalist–how would these numbers shake out if the question were, “Do you think voters should be allowed to decide whether abortion is legal in their state?” How do you think that would go? Anybody have doubts?

So, I pose a deadly serious question to Planned Parenthood: If you’re so confident the American public is overwhelmingly with you on abortion, then why are you fighting tooth and nail to preserve a ruling that keeps Americans from voting on it?


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