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What Happens When The Left Loses Power?

Leftism, under Obama and after him, is still the same, malcontent ideology.

Ever since Donald Trump was elected, the left has been in a free fall into utter insanity. They have become ever more belligerent, more obnoxious, and more angry. From labelling Trump supporters as deplorable, racists, sexists, and whatever else sounds damning, in failure they know no grace or calmness.

The left has a couple of defining traits: smugness and arrogance. Anyone who has debated . . . rather, gotten yelled at for thinking differently by a leftist in the last several years knows the familiar decorum: you’re a racist! You’re a bigot! You hate women! You’re a homophobe! You’re an insane fool who prays to a fake Sky Daddy! You’re the reason America sucks! This country will never get better we get rid of religion and focus on science! And so on.

Another perfect example of leftist smugness and arrogance is none other than our 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama.

Mr. Obama was reportedly “shook” by the 2016 election results. “What if we were wrong,” he asked his national security advisor, Ben Rhodes (a failed fiction writer turned national security expert, because why not). “What if we pushed too hard,” he continued. After eight years of a president that governed more like a leftist academician and less like an executive leader, whose experience before entering the Oval Office was a community organizer, adjunct professor, and senator who showed up to vote “present,” Obama seemed bewildered. After all, being that he wondered, “if I was 10 or 20 years too early,” it is quite clear that Obama believed that he, and his leftist idealistic presidency, was a gift that Americans just were too prideful, or racist, as the charge often becomes, to accept, appreciate, and celebrate.

That smugness and arrogance seemed to be a defining trait of his presidency. Remember, that same smugness and arrogance is a defining trait of leftism in general. You have an ideology that seems to compel its adherents to interject themselves into everything, unable to leave nothing alone. There is no aspect of life that leftism cannot reach its hands into and attempt to bend to its will. If anything seems to not be sufficiently leftist enough, then the ideologues will force it to become so.

Now you could say that Obama was a reflection of a growing leftist sentiment in this country. That is a fair assessment. I would submit, however, that Obama ended up being a facilitator of it. The Obama administration seemed to hit all the correct leftist policy marks: universal healthcare, redistributive economic policies, over-regulatory business practices, and rolling back military strength and funding, just to name a few. This was not exactly due to a belief in sound policy for a better America, however. This was to shift the culture.

What is American culture? Liberty, self-reliance, free markets, equal opportunity, individualism, patriotism, Judeo-Christian values, etc.. Leftist culture actually comes off as rather hard to swallow when presented honestly, thus the left figures the best vehicle for cultural change is governmental power. With the election of Barack Obama, the left had their moment. It was no coincidence that the left felt emboldened by his election: for all the ideological titles given him, Obama was an avowed, reliable leftist. He would no doubt govern as such.

So, how did Obama facilitate leftism into culture? Consider this: race relations were generally improving, as prejudices of old were steadily fading from the public consciousness, or were even gone almost entirely, going into 2008. It was quite common for blacks, whites, and other people of various races and ethnic backgrounds, to be on good terms, and be themselves, without race being a constant focus of attention. The prejudices were basically gone. Under Obama, they came back with a vengeance. They did not return unexpectedly, though. They were, I truly hate to say, quite intentional. While I do not intend to accuse anybody of being racist, I will say that the way Obama and the left used racial politics to their advantage was, by nature, going to strain race relations. When the leader of the free world at times used his bully pulpit to flame racial tensions, it is hard not to think that the division was intentional.

Note: racism has been, and still is, a grave issue, and I do not care who you are, what you have experienced, where you come from, or what party you belong to – if you hold racist views, you are an example of the worst of the human condition.

Why do that? Because the left has a third defining trait that is undeniably strong within their ranks: they are angry.

As I said, the left lost to Trump and the Republicans in 2016, and have shown no grace or calmness as a result. They have, in fact, only become angrier than ever. Okay, yeah, I get it. Losing sucks. Oddly enough, though, even when they won, the left responded by . . . getting angry. Every time they won, they got even angrier. Somehow, even under Obama, as America became increasingly more openly leftist, the left seemed to respond with rage. Consider that, after Obergefell v. Hodges made gay marriage the law of the land, the LGBTQ+ crowd of leftist bent (most of them, of course) celebrated that decision by going after people, businesses, and groups who did not sufficiently celebrate gay marriage. Even now, that battle rages. Why? Because the mantra of “Just Leave Us Alone” turned into “You Will Celebrate Us, Or Else.”

It is not just the gay community, either. After gay marriage, people within the transgender group suddenly were outraged that for the five minutes they were around that they were not getting the attention they deserved. Women have seen progress in sexual predators getting what they deserve; feminists respond as you would expect. Even as neo-Nazi groups rise up again, so do black nationalists, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, no friend to conservatism.

Mr. Obama lamented after Trump won that, “Maybe people just want to fall back into their tribe.” Obama, in a delusion that only an arrogant leftist could suffer from, does not seem to realize how he helped foster such tribalism. Republican versus Democrat, white versus black, Christian versus Muslim, men versus women, straights versus gays, even America versus the whole entire world, Obama helped usher in a tribalism that was damaging to the heart and soul of the United States.

If Obama should feel shook about anything, it is that his legacy is one of leading this great country into a place of division and weakness. A house divided cannot stand, and Obama, and the left in general, wanted it that way.

What happens when the left loses power? The same thing when they gain power, and claim victories: they rage, and we pay the price.


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