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Female Student at Cornell Strips Down to Fight The Power

A female student at Cornell uses the power of semi-nudity to accomplish... what, exactly?

As Ben Shapiro likes to often say, “No Disney Land for any of you!”

Really, in a nation as prosperous as ours, it is hardly surprising that we would collectively arrive at a point of sheer decadence that promotes utter parody lacking any seriousness, and loss of focus on anything of real meaning or substance. We create these fantastical tragedies in our minds and then demand that everybody play along, or else we will get really, REALLY angry. That anger will bring down the fires of righteous indignation upon our constructed villains!

One of the latest (because perhaps there are a hundred more examples now by the time I write this) is that of Letitia Chai, the hero of our story. Chai is a student at Cornell University, and like so many of our young college students, she woke up this morning, saw how horrible everything is, and decided to do something. Her “do something” inspiration came in the form of a presentation for her professors and fellow students.

The professor, Rebekah Maggor, committed the grave injustice of asking her if what she was wearing – cut off jean shorts – was appropriate attire for her presentation. Chai did what any normal and sane person would do: after storming out like a petulant child who just got told that she could absolutely NOT wear her fairy princess costume to school, she returned and stripped mostly naked (something else some children tend to do, for reasons).

Now, I imagine someday when the history books are written, this one will definitely have a whole chapter dedicated to it. This is some Rosa Parks level heroics, let me tell you. “The only tired I was, was tired of giving in,” is now I’m stripping naked out of anger in 2018!

Anyway, like a good university individual who had been the target of a hissy fit, Maggor said that she did nothing wrong, and then apologized anyway. Well, way to give in there, professor. The good news is that the majority of the students stood up for the Maggor by… saying she could have been “more conscious and careful?” Oh, good gravy! What is wrong with these people? Why do university-types always give in to the whiniest bullies who make complete fools of themselves? It’s like these bratty students have the same reality distortion field that Steve Jobs had, the major difference being that they do not have to have any accomplishments to back up their ability to manipulate people.

In addition to making Maggor apologize for the innocuous question as well as most of the students defending the professor for doing nothing wrong but that she rightly apologized for doing something wrong, the remaining students were encouraged by super student Chai to participate in her “fight the power” disrobing. Which they did.

Okay, for this part, I am NOT giving credit to Chai’s SJW, feminist, heroic super powers. When a girl bravely gets mostly naked (although not fully naked, because that is a bit too brave), a bunch of hormonal youngsters will think, “Encouragement to take our clothes off? All right!” I was young once, too – I guess in my thirties, I still am – and even though I never really grew up in the SJW culture (thank you, God), I cannot imagine that the influx of that culture has suddenly made youngsters less eager to get naked . . . even if they now can only do so if it makes a statement, even if that statement is inane and has zero chance of changing anything, and even if youngsters are not as sexually active as past generations. They are still hormonal and stupid, so they have to deal with their urges somehow. Hey, if politicking gets the job done . . .

This really goes to a bigger issue (as if there is just one), and that is, what in the world are these colleges and universities offering us? While I do not necessarily believe that all of these kids go into higher education as upstanding, conservative individuals who then get turned into feckless leftists – they probably already were that, and the university culture only made them worse. That said, are these universities doing anything to help these kids be ready for the real world? Our kids are already poorly educated, but while our grade school education is in a sad state, it does not stop there. Unless Chai wants to go to Hollywood, or work at her nearest strip club, I doubt nudity will be much of a qualifying professional activity. Now, I know you are rolling your eyes and saying, “duh,” but young adults are not prepared for life, or a world that does not care about how they feel. Higher education is decreasingly doing anything to help them in that regard.

I get it – being told that you should change your appearance is annoying. Many do not find my steadily graying beard sexy (they are wrong, I will have you know), and some professions may see it as anything but professional, but how you present yourself is, in fact, inviting judgment on who you are and what you represent. In a professional environment, that goes into people judging the type of work you will do and if you will bring your best.

If you dress like a slob, you will be seen as a slob. If you dress like a harlot, people will see you as a harlot. If you strip to your underwear during a presentation, people will see you as a nut job.

Feminism seems to have the goal to teach women that they do not need to meet any standards for any reason whatsoever, the rest of the world just has to accept it, and there is something wrong with us if we do not. The same way how leftist progressivism has convinced those who subscribe to its tenets to not be decent human beings in most or any cases, those who get sucked into these fringe beliefs and cultures are worse off for it. They go insane and then get angry when people consider them insane. Then they go to institutions of higher learning and learn nothing, come out even crazier leftists than when they went in, contributing to the crippling student loan debt crisis in the process, and we only can hope and pray that, with enough help and exposure to the real world, that they will outgrow it.

I am not sure what Letitia Chai hoped to accomplish with her classroom stunt. I am not sure what great societal change this will make. I am not even sure if this qualifies as being woke . . . mainly because I still have no idea what that means. What I do know is that Miss Chai has done herself no favors, and will likely always be remembered, for however long she is remembered, as the girl who angrily took her clothes off.

Honestly, despite my sarcastic tone, I find the whole thing a bit sad. I am not sad that she will not accomplish anything of substance or good, because her means of doing so do not warrant praise. I am sad because Leticia Chai, like so many other youngsters being fooled by leftists, will only become more confused, agitated, lost, and will gain nothing from it.

Will the left care? You damn well know they will not. After all, despite saying that the young will lead us, the truth is that the young are only commodities to be used for their political end game. Unfortunately, Letitia Chai plays right into their hands, accomplishing nothing for herself but does accomplish a bit more for progressivism and its leaders: she helped chip away at decency, self-control, and the wise self-governance that America should be known for. Leticia Chai willingly becomes the left’s commodity by her own admission in her presentation: “I am more than Asian. I am more than a woman. I am more than Leticia Chai. I am a human.”

While there is nothing wrong with that statement on its own, in the context of progressive politicking, which has virtually no use for the individual, and Letitia willingly disregards, and progressivism also sees humanity as creatures to be grouped and utilized, she has now become their commodity. Even if her statement may hint at a cry for answers as to what is really eating away at her (hint: it is not people questioning her clothing choices) and release from the confused and agitated progressive state she is locked in, she finds no answers, she finds no release, and she most certainly will not be the last one to be used and thrown away.


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