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We Are Fortunate (For Now) That Progressives Did Lose

Keith Ellison gives further proof why progressives should not have access to power

Progressives, you and your political ideology are your own worst enemies.

Now, I write that with the possibly erroneous assumption that you (yes, you, the one reading) are nodding your head in agreement with that statement. For those of you who are not, let me explain why.

To begin, progressives generally are not very self-aware, and thus, fall into intellectually dishonest positions frequently. This is why, for example, they can shout about and celebrate their sexual proclivities (so long as it is not of the heterosexual, cis-gender, white male variety) in the public square, yet at the same time maintain that the lifestyle they choose to live is none of our business. Because, somehow, progressive lifestyles are both an urgent public matter and also one of utter privacy. The intellectual dishonesty is jarring, if you are paying attention.

It is not so much that progressives want people of all sexual lifestyles to feel welcome and accepted (again, except for those straight white guys) . . . treating them with dignity and respect would be completely fine and commendable. The real point is that the progressive, leftist ideology demands total reign in all areas of life and society. It just so happens that the LGBT community is one of the many sub-groups they have rather successfully politically weaponized for their own gains. The community, for the most part, has willingly gone along with it.

As I had written here in an earlier piece, leftist ideology and the progressives that adhere to and champion it, by the nature of their cause and convictions, are opposed to traditionalism in any form. There have always been exceptions to the traditional norms, but to the progressive, now it is time to eradicate any and all traditions, even if they are good.

Besides traditional marriage, progressives also have a thinly veiled hatred for the traditional family.

We should have no qualms believing that family is good for society, and always has been . . . even if you, yourself, are outside of this traditional norm. This is, in part, due to the fact that civilization and society first springs forth from the family itself, and a nations attitude – socially and culturally – towards the family will show its overall health.

Progressives tend not to care, though. In yet another blow to the idea of ‘family’, Minnesota Representative Keith Ellison, while speaking to the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, boldly implied that creating families is killing women. I know, I know, what he actually said was that expectant mothers are dying at increased rates. He also said that it is because they are losing elections.

Wait . . . what do election victories and losses have to do with expectant mothers dying?

If you are sane enough to think, “well, there likely is no causation, and perhaps not much correlation either,” then congratulations! You are likely not a progressive.

To individuals such as Ellison, however, there absolute is a link. See, women are dying because patriarchal society has relegated women to being nothing more than baby makers. Think puppy mills, except involving humans. Never mind that the data he loosely cites is faulty at best, good women must be progressive, and for women to be good progressives, they must hate kids.

Am I suggesting that progressives hate kids so much that they want to kill them at any time? Yes, I am.

Consider this: not only is giving birth to children considered a “medical issue” (the phrasing is important), but children generally are a scourge that should be eradicated, if so chosen. This is not the sign of a healthy society, or a culture that can foster one. Perhaps our devolved views on family has continued to rob us of our hearts and souls.

And the progressive movement would have it no other way.

Progressives also hate another tradition: belief in God. They are not content to just flee from it, and to castigate those who do not flee with them, though. They want to become the replacement of the Judeo-Christian beliefs that helped build this society, that gives them the freedom to be the radicals that they are. The absence of belief in God does not suddenly make the need for a religious conviction vanish.

Of course, punching God in the face is a bit difficult. Seeking the destruction of family through the termination of children, and the eradication of good traditional values and institutions, such as morality, self-control, marriage, and other such things that the God of the Judeo-Christian faiths finds to be important . . . that task is a bit more feasible, and progressives are committed to it.

Keith Ellison, you, and people like you, do not need to win anything. We are fortunate that you did not win. Of course, Republicans are not exactly the defense we need them to be (I know, you’re surprised), but if the progressives (which the whole of the Democrat Party essentially is now) are even just a bit separated from the levers of power, then that is a small victory worth celebrating.

Our nation, and our minds, hearts, and souls, should not be subjected to the celebrated depravity of progressivism in power.

Editors note: I added a link to a Richard Dawkins piece that shows that there is indeed a desire amongst progressive-secularists to eradicate religion.


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