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Socialists Against Humanity: The Game Nobody Wants To Play

A college in California wants to give Venezuelan officials a platform to boast of successes they have not achieved

California seems to be in love with self-destruction.

In a state that has the fastest growing rates of poverty amongst its residents compared to any other in the nation, a plethora of severe regulatory burdens on its businesses, and a populous that is fractured between the north and south, coast and inland, the once formerly great state of California is a wreck. The solution will likely go the way you would predict: either keep going left, or go even further left.

Of course, California never misses a chance to show off how dedicated they are to self-destruction. Scripps College, in an attempt to show that they’re as dedicated to the leftist cause as can be, have decided to give a platform to a trio of government officials from Venezuela. I am referring to the same Venezuela that has a massive currency devaluation, crisis levels of poverty and starvation, and a government that won’t hear any of it. That’s just three of its problems.

The Venezuelan population still protests the iron fist of their own government. The government has responded with arrests and executions. You would think absolute power over your people would be enough to satiate whatever god complex these dictators have. Yet, they have a desire for something that treating your people like bothersome insects does not grant you: admiration.

This is where California, and more specifically, California college students and group leaders, come in.

You see, California college students seem to have all transformed into an army of Sean Penn’s, loving their socialism and socialist countries. I don’t know if this is due to the state having open arms to immigrants, the natural-born citizens just not knowing any better, some combination of the two, or something worse. In any case, if there is a state that would gladly usher in a new American socialist society, California would be the top contender to do so. To prove it, they have gladly surrendered their platform to these Venezuelan government officials to boast of their country’s accomplishments as of late.

First talk: “resisting rightwing [sic] paramilitary attacks (that are on the rise across the hemisphere),” the targeted audience being “for all who are interested in economics that serve people not profits.” That’s quite the glowing veneer for a government whose policies have “served” its people right into poverty so severe that they will eat stray dogs just to survive while Venezuelans have lost an average of 20 lbs. due to food shortages. But hey, people over profits!

Second talk: “different way of doing democracy.” So, I have a question: do any of those different ways include imprisonment, extra-judicial executions, or even just ignoring the outcries of your people? Does not sound very democratic, but hey, I’m not a California college intellectual, so what do I know?

Third talk: ‘“Venezuela’s Black working-class struggles” and “the long histories of self-liberated Africans in this hemisphere.”’ Okay, fair enough. I’m still concerned about the seemingly endless atrocities the Venezuelan government seems to keep resorting back to. Not sure how the black working-class can rise up when nobody else is.

You basically have a trio of representatives of a human rights violating, anti-humanitarian government being given a platform by a bunch of leftist college children (if not by age, then by maturity and intellect) who will rip their clothes off in excitement to receive whatever garbage these socialists regurgitate.

Again, California loves self-destruction. Venezuela does, too. It’s a match made in hell.

These kids, along with their abetting administrators and group leaders, seem to be playing a game that nobody asked to play, and more so nobody knows the rules (including the ones who force us to play). In this game of socialist self-destruction, you have non-serious political activists, non-serious political representatives, and non-serious political voters. I’m not saying that they don’t take themselves seriously – they obviously do – but that their political game is one based on fighting an overblown, fantastical read of reality.

Sure, poverty in the United States is bad wherever it exists, but is it so bad that we need to upend our economic system in order to fix it? Sure, leftists love to sling mud and rant about the evil rich, the evil corporations, and so on. They even make up this idea that the rich are “hoarding” their wealth, because, their thinking goes, those with money just can’t stand the idea of those with less money gaining any more money. Those with large houses want everybody else to live in trailer parks (if they’re lucky to live anywhere at all, the dregs!). Rich business owners want everybody not them to earn “slave wages,” because THAT is how economies thrive, right?

These kids aren’t content with just growing up, learning to master a skill, and having as happy of a life as possible with a career, home, and family. They desire a fight. Why? Because, as Kevin D. Williamson got exactly right, life is kind of boring.

Since they have nothing to fight, they just fight their own country. Because, why not? It’s there. They don’t know why that fence is in the middle of the field, so destroy it!

Those with this revolutionary mindset are suckers for socialism, as well as its big brother, communism. Just like totalitarian dictators aren’t content to rule with unchecked power but also desire unwavering admiration, the leftist kids aren’t content to set up their own little communes where they can role play amongst themselves, but require that every single person play their stupid game. Anybody who doesn’t probably hates the poor. To add a cherry on top, they must also hate women, gays, and minorities.

So, of course, Scripps College will give these socialist thugs a platform, they’ll treat every word they say as gospel, and meanwhile, those of us who see these dictatorial lunatics for who they are will be castigated as hateful, anti-progress bigots. Because nothing says “progress” quite like mass starvation, collapsing economies, and punishing your political opponents and enemies (which, in the Venezuelan government’s case, are its own citizens).

I propose we counter this with what will actually “save” the world: choose the boring life. Instead of trying to save the world by taking the monumental – not to mention, impossible – task of fixing humanity, just do your best in this free society, and be good to your family, friends, and neighbors.

And if nothing else, leave the rest of us alone.


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