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Trump Praises ‘Roseanne’ Debut. Conservatism Still Isn’t Mainstream.

Trump praises Roseanne, a Trump supporter. Is this a sign that conservatism is cool again? No. Does it matter? Maybe.

I get it. I really do.

Roseanne‘ is successful for a very good reason: blue collar Americans actually exist, they do vote for candidates that aren’t on the Democratic ticket, and, surprise, they’re not knuckle dragging neanderthals. Of course, this is a shock to nobody except coastal elites and well-to-do leftists. They have a hard enough time accepting that those outside their bubble can be good, upstanding people, but now they have been sucker-punched with the reality that a show about those people would be a YUGE, 18 million viewers success!

What is even more astounding is that, in this hyper-political year of 2018, the title character of this show is an unapologetic Trump supporter. Trump himself even called to congratulate Roseanne Barr on her successful show revival. Of course, many Hollywood critics say the show succeeded due to nostalgia. For a show that is riding a nostalgia wave, one wonders why it “prompts soul searching.”

The right has the explanation: we finally have a show again that reflects our values. This show supports our president. This show supports our America.

Does it, though? After hearing and reading many right-leaning opinions on the matter, all I can say is that ‘Roseanne‘ is not a celebration of conservatism. Roseanne, both the character and the actress, are not conservatives. It’s obvious given the fact that this blue collar show also includes a celebration of same sex marriage, abortion, and now transgenderism.

To think this show celebrates conservatism because Roseanne likes Trump and a strong economy would be reading into it a bit too wishfully. I agree that Hollywood doesn’t understand American values all that much, and the show certainly reflects that.

The real question is does it need to reflect conservatism. Sure, I would appreciate it if it went as far as Last Man Standing, but perhaps Roseanne understands something about the hyper-political culture it speaks to in 2018 in a similar way it showed blue collar life back in 1988-1997.

Most Americans, like Roseanne, even if they are mostly liberal, still love America. They see America as a good country that they want to succeed. This is reflective of Trump, Roseanne’s president, as well. He has a knee-jerk love for America, even if he does not always understand the fundamentals of what makes America great, or has serious character flaws and moral failings. Perhaps most Americans fall into similar boats of not knowing why America is great, or even why it should be great. They just believe that America is great.

Of course, this is not a perfect scenario by any stretch. As a conservative, I do believe that subscribing to Americanism and patriotism will always fare better for our nation than flag-covered nationalism. While I am all for the big tent party that has spots available for all people of all walks of life – including Democrats, shock and horror! – some common Americanism would certainly make our country a bit more great again.

That said, I will take Roseanne‘s “on the left, but America is awesome” approach as a better starting, unifying point, flawed as it is, over all of the other un-American claptrap Hollywood has vomited out for what feels like forever.

Conservatism may not be mainstream. People having a knee-jerk love for America still isn’t a bad spot to be in.


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