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The Iran Protests, Then and Now: Why America is Truly Great Again

Trump is making the right moves on Iran and correcting the previous administration's egregious errors.

On Thursday, protests broke out throughout the Islamic Republic
of Iran against the government. The Iranian government, run by the Shiite
Ayatollahs, has been in power since the overthrow of the pro-Western Shah in
1979. They do everything they can to repress their people, especially religious
minorities, women and homosexuals. But what makes them one of the most
dangerous nations on Earth is their desire to wipe America and Israel, whom
they call “the Great Satan” and “the Little Satan,” respectively, off the map.
They pose a great threat to the Sunni Muslim countries throughout the region as
well, and sponsor terror worldwide.

However, this is not the first time these protests occurred. In
2009, early in the presidency of Barack Obama, there was a revolt known as the
“Green Revolution.” The Iranian people took to the streets aiming for regime
change, and the revolt lasted almost two weeks. Sadly, the revolutionaries were
defeated, thanks largely to Obama’s decision to sit it out, de facto taking the
side of the extremist Mullahs.

Later on, in 2015, towards the end of his presidency, we learned
the probable reason Obama did this. Obama, along with Secretary of State John
Kerry struck a deal with the Iranians to give them billions of dollars and lift
sanctions in exchange for an empty promise that the Iranians would wind down
their nuclear program. In fact, one of the issues that got President Trump
elected was that he would pull out of this horrible, one-sided “deal.”

We are still learning details about the deal Obama struck,
including precursors, such as allowing Hezbollah, Iran’s terror proxy in
Lebanon, to traffic cocaine and launder money through used cars to finance its
expansion. According to Josh Meyer at Politico,
the Obama administration derailed Project Cassandra, an investigation by law enforcement into
Hezbollah’s activities. By doing this, Obama put his own citizens in danger
because of the cocaine now flooding the country.

This is how desperate the Obama administration was to make nice
with an enemy that wants nothing more than world chaos and destruction.

Fast forward to this week. Earlier this year, Trump followed
through half-way on his promise to shred the deal by merely decertifying it,
which means that it is still technically in existence but on short notice, and
Congress would have 60 days to work on a plan to possibly keep the deal afloat.
But now, in light of the protests, Trump is taking tough stances to Iran,
proudly standing with the protesters and correcting the wrong that the previous
president engaged in.

The President posted a series of tweets on Saturday condemning
Iran, saying that “the world is watching.”

Vice President Mike Pence echoed a similar reaction on Twitter:

As well as from the State Department:

It really is worth noting the departure of the Trump
administration from the Obama doctrine. Especially after Trump’s courageous
announcement to move the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem and his defunding of
the UN, it may be a safe prediction that the situation in Iran will finally be
what pulls the US out of the Iran deal, as January 13th, the deadline for doing
so, is rapidly approaching. And this should be what does it— we would now be
financing a regime we’ve denounced for human rights violations. To continue
doing so would be preposterous.

Please make the right move, Mr. President. The world is watching.

Follow Jeremy Frankel on Twitter @frankeljeremy.


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