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BAMN and the Violence of the Radical Left

Sole responsibility for the protests in Charlottesville that became violent belonged to an “alt-right” movement comprised of neo-Nazis and white supremacists, the lame-stream media would have us believe. But is that true?

By John Leonard

Or, what is “the rest of the story”, as Paul Harvey used to say?

The opposition to the “bad” protestors (those against the removal of Civil War statues that memorialized Confederate soldiers) were deemed “good” protestors, which primarily consisted of members of the AntiFa movement. Their counterparts and affiliates in California are known by the acronym BAMN.

By Any Means Necessary (BAMN) are exactly what the name suggests, a bunch of malcontents, liberal radical activists on steroids who are eternally regretful they were born too late to be a part of the violent anti-war, anti-government protests of the 1960s. They are a loosely knit organization of anarchist punks and violent thugs. The name of the organization literally sums up the political philosophy of BAMN. If their leadership don’t like you, or don’t like what you might be wearing, or suspect you might even be thinking something of which they don’t approve, watch out — these people certainly aren’t shy about resorting to cowardly acts of violence to get their way. By Any Means Necessary.

They aren’t afraid to surround a person in broad daylight, knock that person to the ground and quickly pounce like a pack of jackals, punching and kicking their defenseless victim still lying on the ground. But most of them wear masks while committing their crimes, hoping to avoid arrest, and responsibility. See for yourself. They aren’t afraid of physically assaulting a peaceful protestor trying to avoid them even if police happen to be literally standing right there, watching and waiting until a few kicks to the head appear to land before they finally intervened to stop the attack.

BAMN is led by Yvette Felarca, a 47-year-old born in the Philippines but claiming American nationality. She might be a naturalized citizen or a permanent legal resident (green card holder), but that doesn’t give her the right to repeatedly punch native-born American citizens, or try to deprive them of their right to free speech.

Freedom of speech only means that Congress will never pass a law that takes away Ms. Felarca’s right to express her personal opinions. She does not have the right to perpetually filibuster the general public so that only her ideas can ever be heard.

To be brutally honest, I’m not particularly surprised to learn that Ms. Felarca doesn’t understand that, because quite frankly, she doesn’t seem to be very bright. However, I’m more than a little bit surprised that anyone this empty-headed could find mindless sheep, ready to perform another exercise in futility.

What scares me about BAMN? Not so much the violence — sooner or later, these idiots will violently attack an undercover cop or someone with a concealed weapon, and someone will get shot, and next time with real bullets. Even though this AntiFa protestor in the gas mask got lucky (and obviously unlucky at the same time), I’m guessing that he hasn’t tried this stunt since taking a direct hit, for the “movement.”

Ouch! That had to leave a mark …

No, what worries me is that these super-leftist, anti-American radicals have not only infiltrated academia, they have become an infestation.

These people are allegedly among our best and brightest — college professors, teachers, and academic types, but apparently they aren’t even smart enough to understand that it’s generally considered a felony to hit a guy in the head with a bike lock.

Alas, you can’t teach classes from prison.

Naturally, Yvette Felarca sees herself as a victim. That’s also how she wants the public to see her, too. I also know what happens to people like her, who think of themselves as victims, when in reality they are the perpetrators.

The large bandage on her head is an attempt to paint her in a sympathetic light, when in fact, she has a history of unprovoked, violent physical attacks on peaceful counter-protestors.

The problem is that Yvette Felarca has a bizarre, seriously distorted view of reality. For example she characterized conservative writer and public speaker Milo Yiannopoulos as being a racist and a homophobe.

The problem with that is that Milo Yiannopoulos’ sexual orientation is rather well known. In fact, he’s openly homosexual, and Yiannopoulos has even been known to brag about his black boyfriends in interviews.

This is the real reason Ms. Felarca doesn’t like people like Milo — he backs up his claims and opinions with facts and statistics. In fact, he cites the same facts and statistics as Larry Elder, that originated with the FBI. As Milo astutely said,

Black lives don’t matter to Black Lives Matter.

Let this soak into your brain for a bit — Yvette Felarca is a middle-school social studies teacher.

This means she has a daily opportunity to pollute the minds of impressionable young children with dangerously radical liberal, Socialist ideological beliefs. By the time our children and grandchildren finish college, they won’t know how to think for themselves. They are being brainwashed. The problem isn’t that someone is trying to deprive Ms. Felarca of her freedom of speech, it’s that she is perfectly willing to commit acts of violence to prevent others from enjoying the same freedom.

But patriots may take heart …

We know how and when this will end — with a criminal trial. Ms. Felarca plans to plead self-defense, but the video evidence will speak for itself.

Here’s some irony for you — a meeting organized by Ms. Felarca at UC-Berkeley to conspire and prevent a group of students known as “Patriot’s Prayer” from holding a meeting on campus was infiltrated by students that were Trump supporters. Ms. Felarca called the police and demanded the students be removed, so that she could complete her plans to disrupt their meeting. This would be comedy gold, except for legal expenses and court costs.

Even though Felarca isn’t a student at Berkeley, she believes that she has more rights on campus than the students who have paid to take classes there. This woman is deranged. She can”t get away with punching people she doesn’t like, but that won’t keep her from trying to organize her sheep. Now she implores them to pressure prosecutors into dropping her pending criminal charges.

Fortunately, the judicial system doesn’t allow mob rule. And one thing is certain — this woman should never be allowed into the classroom to teach children again. Normally under these circumstances I would suggest sending this person back to their country of origin. In this instance, that would mean deporting her back to the Philippines, where Duterte doesn’t have a reputation for tolerating his political enemies.

Yvette Felarca might be full of malarkey and a public nuisance, but I don’t want her death on my conscience. If she punched me, I wouldn’t even want to hit her back. I’d settle for having her arrested, because I prefer legal means of recourse.

I will never surrender my freedom of speech. These aren’t the people to tell “over my dead body” though, because they appear willing to make that happen.

Obviously, By Any Means Necessary does not exclude violence.


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