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SHAME: Not a Single Democrat Voted to Deport MS13 Members

The House passed HR 3697, the “Criminal Alien Gang Member Removal Act,” on Wednesday.

By Steve Berman

This isn’t DACA we’re talking about. It’s vicious gangs like MS-13, operating human trafficking, sex slavery, drug distribution, and murder-for-fire rings.

Read the bill. It’s written very clearly.

  • Felony drug offenders
  • Human traffickers
  • Violent criminals
  • Witness intimidation and burglary
  • Racketeering

What about these activities should be protected in U.S. law? Why would we not deport them? And yet not one single Democrat voted for it.

What is wrong with Democrats? This is beyond politics; it’s a violation of the oath of office these elected Democrats took to defend the Constitution.

Of course, we’ll hear arguments that organizations like La Raza would be lumped in because they give sanctuary to illegal aliens. And, if La Raza is using illegal aliens to help others obtain illicit documents or to vote illegally, yes, they should be declared a criminal gang and deported.

I think that’s what has Democrats siding with violent criminals over the rule of law. They care more about votes and getting the White House back than they do about Americans they serve.

Going back to January 20, 2017. Trump’s speech was dead on. We have “American carnage” happening before our eyes. And Democrats are lockstep voting to keep it that way. It’s a good thing Republicans control both houses and can have bills like this—no brainers—get to the president’s desk.

This is also one reason you can bank on Trump gunning for another term. Regardless of Trump’s faults, the Democrats keep reaching for the third rail over and over again. It’s really irresistible for him.


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