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Frank Bruni Wants Christians Punished and Put Out of Business

Frank Bruni of the New York Times is gay. I actually had no idea. I don’t keep up with the guy.

By Erick Erickson

He has a long dissertation in the New York Times on the best and worst places in America to be gay. But the key take away is that Frank Bruni wants Christians punished and put out of business. He, of course, tries to obfuscate this issue, but it is his end game.

But Texas doesn’t love me back. Certainly its lawmakers don’t, and lately they’ve been hellbent on showing that.

In June the governor signed a bill allowing child welfare groups to refuse adoptions that contradict their “sincerely held religious beliefs.” They can turn away gay men like me.

You got this?

Frank Bruni can go to literally dozens of child welfare groups in Texas to adopt a child. He can even go to the state itself to adopt a child. But Texas saw fit to allow Christian organizations to continue helping and many Christian organizations, because of Christian orthodoxy, only adopt into two parent heterosexual households.

In Frank Bruni’s mind, he is being punished for this so his alternative is not to go elsewhere, but to want the Christian punished and put out of business. Bruni’s proposal is to either force a Christian to abandon the free exercise of his religion, to which the Christian is entitled under the constitution, or deprive the business of its ability to participate in helping the state place children in homes.

Talk about selfish. And that seems to be the gay rights movement in America today — a selfish enterprise dedicated to stamping out the free exercise of religion. That free exercise is not restricted to one hour on a Sunday in a designated building. The founders intended it to be daily even in a small businessman’s business.

But Frank Bruni and the gay rights movement think otherwise. And if your state provides plenty of places for Bruni to adopt a kid, but allows Christians to participate without having to abandon core beliefs, Bruni considers your state hostile to gays.

The underlying issue here is that Bruni has decided his rights, nowhere written in the constitution, trump explicit rights written in the constitution. He has decided that, when presented with ample places to go, he is being discriminated against if there is one place he cannot go.

And that is why we will ultimately have a very nasty clash in this country. Because gay rights activists have decided that their struggle is the same civil rights struggle faced by blacks in this country, though no black person ever needed a sticker on the back of their car to let people know they are black. Though no gay person has ever been forced to pick cotton in a field or denied the right to vote, they think their struggle is the same. It is a selfishness that demands anyone who disagrees be punished, and that includes a multi-thousand year old faith whose orthodoxy maintains sin is sin.

The modern left, of which Bruni is apart, will let you believe what you want to believe, but you sure as hell better not set about living your life according to those beliefs.

I have no objection to an adoption agency that lets a gay person adopt a child. But gay rights activists have decided we cannot have a Christian adoption agency that only adopts into two parent heterosexual nuclear households. Something will have to give and it will not be a pleasant fight in the culture war when push finally does come to shove.


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