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Queens Woman Confronts Bill DeBlasio in the Most New York Way Possible

As New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio gave a press conference in the Whitestone neighborhood in Queens last week

By Chris Queen

A 63-year-old woman got out of her car to berate the mayor over his treatment of police officers, and the confrontation was the stuff that Hollywood screenwriters wish they could invent.

“You let your police officers down!” Hizzoner’s perhaps fiercest, most fearless foe — a silver-haired firebrand named Vickie Paladino — shouted, jumping out of her car to berate him after noticing him giving a press conference in her Whitestone neighborhood.

“And your country down!” Paladino railed, with so much force that the mayor ran away from her and took refuge in his chauffeured car.

It was the fourth day of the mayor’s “City Hall in Your Borough” swing through Queens, and he’d just finished telling reporters about $16 million in new funding to fix city sidewalks damaged by tree roots.

The mayor began walking toward her.

Then — maybe realizing he was about to walk into a PR buzzsaw — he spun on his heel and hurried back to the safety of his car.

After DeBlasio told his security staff to attend to Paladino and the motorcade left, the fearless woman continued her tirade to the lingering press.

I’ve had it with de Blasio, I’ve had it with the way he’s running the city … Our tax dollars paid for this mayor to go to Germany to protest against our country, ok? That $18 million that he wants to spend on trimming trees, let him put it in our police officers’ pockets. Let him take care of the police officer that was assassinated — that he chose that particular day, without telling a soul, that he was leaving to go to Germany. He ran away.

It’s time he starts to pay attention. This is a big show; this means nothing. He could have sent anybody here to tell us about our trees. Again, I’ve lived here for 63 years. De Blasio, be a mayor; don’t talk to me about trees, talk to me about protection of our city, of our citizens, and what you’re going to do for your police officers because you left them high and dry on more than one occasion. [I] can’t wait for election day. Buddy, you are out.

Paladino’s beef stems from the mayor’s attending the G20 summit in Germany rather than attending the funeral of a police officer who was murdered while on duty. The New York Daily News reports that DeBlasio did spent some time with the family of the slain officer at another time.

In a world of “she persisted” female heroines, Paladino would be a superstar had she done this to a Republican mayor. But because she confronted a liberal Democrat, she’ll be a footnote, a trivia question. But the world needs more women like Paladino to speak up against leftist lunacy.


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