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Which Way Will Conservatives Go?

Rod Dreher had the most interesting tweet of the weekend. I share his lack of confidence in the outcome. There is rapidly developing on the right a group of tribalists who think all they have left is beating the left and, in so doing, they become more and more each day just like the left.

By Erick Erickson

Consider intersectionalism for a moment. You should get comfortable with the term because it is the buzz word of the decade on the left. It posits that we must take into account the whole person to determine levels of power and degrees of discrimination. So, in other words, a heterosexual, Christian, white male has maximum power and minimal chances to be discriminated against, while a black, transgender, lesbian has near minimal power and maximum chance of being discriminated against. The result is that any black transgender lesbian must be put in a position of power over everyone else and no one can second guess that person without it being their privilege talking. It lets loose a Lord of the Flies atmosphere on the left now set loose on college campuses.

A liberal in good standing can soon find herself tied to the post at an academic firing line because she did not recognize that though hermaphrodite and lesbian, she was both an actual, genuine she and white — therefore she has way too much privilege and had no business telling the transgender hispanic midget not to talk in class.

On the right, those in the tribal class of “beat the left” are no different, though they presently judge themselves based on fealty to Trump. This person was with Trump from day one, so he must be listened to and respected more than this person who was not with Trump till after the South Carolina primary and both must be treated with greater value than that jackass traitor who only decided to loyally stick to Trump after he became the Republican nominee.

Their ideas are, at this point, inconsequential, and that is wholly reflected in their own candidate’s administration. The Trump agenda consists of nothing more than rage tweeting against the media and political opponents, which his supporters of the “beat the left” variety tell us has secret meaning, is part of a larger plan we are not smart enough to see, and he fights!!!!

The alternative is that the rule of law must matter. And I think we are rapidly moving to the point where those of us who think it does will be more or less the monks in the monastery keeping vigil around actual truth and knowledge. Some of us will see the armed bandits and roving hordes tear down our doors and seek to ruin us, but others will have to carry on till it is safe to come out and show there really is a better way.

Frankly, that should be what churches in America are doing right now — tearing down tribal lines with the unity of Christ, but there are too many on both sides who have joined up with the tribes and too many congregants even within still sane churches who are flirting with the tribes.

Right now the “beat the left” Republicans are willing to pass a healthcare bill that breaks every promise on the right, but because the left is upset about they think it is a great idea. They will fund Planned Parenthood to get it done and they will grow government.

They will also coddle Russia and turn a blind eye to any abuses of power by their own side so long as their own side continues to beat the left.

The problem, of course, is that history is somewhat cyclical and politics is even more so. Just as Barack Obama established the precedents to abuse executive orders that Donald Trump has now grabbed hold of, Donald Trump is establishing precedents the Democrats will soon grab hold of once they take back the White House.

The “beat the left” Republicans are so committed to winning at no matter the cost they have failed to see and plant their feet upon the first rule of the fight — nothing in politics is permanent. They will one day find themselves on the losing side with a “beat the right” Democrat in the White House who will marvel and behold the complete collapse of the rule of law of which he can take advantage.

If the right is going to surrender the moral high ground and adopt all the tactics of the left, they should not be surprised to see that the Democrat who comes to power next does what this President claimed he would do, but had the foresight not to do — engage in a politically motivated prosecution1of the prior administration.

  1. Changed this slightly to make it clear I’m referring to politically motivated prosecutions and not legitimate prosecutions, though I think any prosecution of a former President, even based on legit grounds, would be a terrible precedent to set that would send the nation down a rabbit hole from which it would not soon escape. Just as the Obama Administration resisted calls to prosecute members of the Bush Administration for their handling of the war on terror and allegations of torture, the Trump Administration has been wise to avoid going after Clinton and others from the Obama Administration.↩


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