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This is Not the Behavior of An Innocent Man

I maintain my doubts that there has been no crime related to the President and Russia.

By Erick Erickson

I think it is mostly overblown hysteria from people who still cannot accept that Hillary Clinton lost to this guy. But the President’s behavior, and that of his family is not the behavior of an innocent person.

Jeff Sessions is perhaps the most loyal of all of Trump’s cabinet. He gave up a prime position in the Senate to be Trump’s Attorney General. But the President’s ongoing anger at Sessions over his recusal — a recusal made necessary because of the Attorney General’s support of the Trump campaign — is mind boggling. Every public statement on the matter sounds like the President expected his Attorney General to shut down any investigation against the President. That’s not how this works.

On top of that, Jared Kushner’s team apparently let out the email thread from Donald Trump, Jr., who then in turns makes it public. But instead of full disclosure, we got feigned disclosure. The media had a field day then dribbling out the names and numbers in the meeting. First it was four, then five, then a spy, then eight, and Russians!!

While all this is going on and Washington is in a feeding frenzy about the President’s ties to Russia, the President decides to hang out with Vladimir Putin at the G20 summit, ditching the Japanese Prime Minister’s wife because he did not think she could speak English even though she could.

And now the President has canned his personal lawyer and the damage control experts who were helping mitigate all the self-inflicted wounds. Concurrently, word is trickling out of the White House that the President’s team wants to obstruct and hinder Robert Mueller while considering blanket pardons for his family.

I think these are the actions of a frustrated man who feels like he has not gotten his due for beating the unbeatable Hillary Clinton. He is pissed off that no one is willing to acknowledge his legitimate win and everyone is trying to add asterisks to his win. *Aided by Russia. **Lost the popular vote. ***Might not have really won. ****Stole it.

I’d be pissed off too.

But then I would be smart enough to make my family fully and completely disclose everything to forestall a media witch hunt. I would be smart enough to not hang out with Vladimir Putin and not get all kissy face with our Russia policy. And I would sure as hell not be talking about just pardoning everyone when I know my own staff leaks like a sieve.

Side note: I continue to notice everyone’s name, from Priebus to Spicer to Bannon to Kushner, crops up in these stories except Hope Hicks.

This is not the behavior of an innocent man, but I don’t think the President is guilty. I think he is prone to rash judgment, impulsive behavior, and like an addict must want help before allowing himself to be helped. Right now, President Trump does not want help even though he needs an intervention.

And that provides Robert Mueller everything he needs to keep the investigation going and to keep expanding it. Give a prosecutor enough time and money, and he’ll find some crime with which to nab you. President Trump and his family just keep making Mueller’s job easy for him.


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