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Trump Administration Threatens Teachers to Use Transgender Pronouns or Else

The LGBT political lobby has a champion in President Donald Trump.

By Peter Heck

While that might come as a surprise to the conservatives who continue to offer him full-throated support, including roughly 75% of white evangelicals in the country, it shouldn’t.

Trump is the first president in American history to be elected to his first term as a supporter of so-called same-sex marriage.

Even on the campaign trail, Donald Trump joined liberal celebrities in piling on North Carolina for passing a law that forbid men in women’s restrooms. The negativity Trump helped fuel there led to the law’s partial repeal and the Republicans to lose the governorship.

And it is the Trump Defense Department that has continued forcing the Army to conduct “transgender sensitivity training” as part of their military preparation.

So it should shock precisely no one who has been objectively observing the Trump Administration to see that it has now issued a warning to teachers and students across America that failing to use “gender-preferred pronouns” of transgender students could result in investigation for federal civil rights violations.

Remember this was the decree that was originally sent forth from the radical Obama administration that demanded schools forget biological reality when dealing with students, and instead consider only their self-defined “gender identity.” In February it seemed that Trump’s Education Department would be withdrawing those anti-science directives, but in June Team Trump clarified that American teachers and students would be subject to federal investigation if they facilitated “gender-based harassment” of transgender students that includes refusing to use “preferred pronouns.”

What does this mean? It means if a young man who considers himself a girl wants your child to call him a “her,” and your child refuses to do so, your child could be in violation of federal law. It means if a young girl who considers herself “genderqueer” wants to be referred to with the fake pronoun “tey” or “ze” and the teacher calls her a “her,” that teacher is in violation of federal law.

This is the Trump Administration policy.

Several months ago, Joe Carter wrote a must-read piece on the truly dangerous war on reality facilitated by the LGBT political lobby. In it, he wrote:

What is at issue is not merely the question of which individuals can use what bathrooms but whether individuals have the right to redefine reality in a way that the rest of society is forced to accept. At issue is whether there is any fundamental reality that all people must acknowledge or whether reality is itself is malleable and based on personal preferences.


Those who accept the idea that we can ignore biological sex for the mental construct of “gender identity” are endorsing metaphysical subjectivism, the view that “our own mental activity is the only unquestionable fact of our experience.” They are not only disagreeing with those of us who believe reality is created by God, but are attempting to make metaphysical subjectivism the standard that trumps all others in determining norms and ethics.

This isn’t conservative. This isn’t even sane. It’s an anti-science rebellion against God’s moral order being conducted by government force through Orwellian language manipulation. And right now, the Trump Administration is responsible.


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