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Left Panics Because Kentucky Schools Can Now Teach (Gasp!) The Bible

On Tuesday, Gov. Matt Bevin signed House Bill 128, which gives Kentucky public schools the right to teach the first book ever taught in America—the Bible.

By Steve Berman

Let’s move beyond the dizzying fact that in less than 100 years we’ve gone from a society where a well-rounded education could not possibly omit the Bible, to a place where such a legislative act is necessary. The American progressive left doesn’t want the Bible taught because that might make kids Biblically literate, and able to actually argue morality on merits versus by rote adherence to liberal tropes.

Daily Kos wasted no time predicting that teaching will become preaching.

What do you suppose will happen to that well-read and mouthy Kentucky 10th grader who challenges the veracity of biblical tales such as The Flood, the Exodus, the Resurrection?

Well, if the Bible was allowed in the classroom, maybe the whole class would be able to examine the evidence and philosophy of both positions, and everyone would be enlightened? I’m just guessing here.

So many Christians I know are considering pulling their children from public schools because liberal dogma is being shoved down their throats. Teaching the Bible doesn’t mean forced conversion to Christianity. It means the Bible would be examined in a light that liberals don’t want: examination without outright rejection and dismissal.

Liberals are afraid of the Bible because it’s dangerous to their ideals. It’s dangerous to their ideals because it’s true. They’d rather challenge Noah’s Ark and the first two chapters of Genesis than deal with the overwhelming historical and eyewitness evidence of the risen Christ. Or the archaeological evidence of ancient Israel supporting the historicity and immutability of the ancient texts.

This is why the ACLU has its panties in a wad.

“A Bible literacy bill that, on its face, may not appear to be unconstitutional, could in fact become unconstitutional in its implementation,” said Advocacy Director Kate Miller.Miller told WDRB News the ACLU will monitor the law closely.“We want to make sure that teachers can teach and make sure that they don’t go in to preach,” Miller said.

Let’s be serious here. Teachers know they can’t preach. But students do have First Amendment rights to share their faith. With the Bible taken out of the penalty box, kids are going to be able to read the text and hear the witness of their peers.

This has leftists terrified.


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