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Yes, It Really Was the Russians That Tipped Georgia’s 6th District

I have been stunned that to this point, no intrepid journalist has connected the dots on this story — so I suppose I might as well just do it myself.

By Peter Heck

I won’t mind the accolades and the tributes that will undoubtedly be showered down upon me for being the first to crack the case of what mysteriously unfolded in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District recently.

It was there that Democrat upstart Jon Ossoff outraised his Republican opponent Karen Handel nearly 6 to 1 and outspent her over 7 to 1. Ossoff was also better organized, paying 170 staffers to work on his campaign compared to Handel paying just 14. And let’s not forget the Trump liability that Handel faced. At the time of the election, the president’s approval rating was languishing in the mid 30s. So what can possibly explain Handel’s win? What was responsible for Ossoff’s seemingly inconceivable loss?

Two words: the Russians.

Seriously, I am beyond convinced that it was the issue of Russian election hacking that cost the Democrats their dream of “flipping the sixth.” And here’s why I’m so confident …

On Friday the Washington Post (where democracy goes to die in darkness) ran a much-hyped, thoroughly-researched, painfully-long article entitled, “Obama’s Secret Struggle to Punish Russia for Putin’s Election Assault.” Towards the beginning of the piece the Post repeated, in inflammatory terms, the standard claim made by leftists that the 2016 presidential election was nefariously hacked by the Ruskies:

“Russia’s interference was the crime of the century, an unprecedented and largely successful destabilizing attack on American democracy.”

There’s certainly nothing new about this claim. It’s exactly what Democrats have been reiterating without evidence since November 8th. But here in the Washington Post was a clear and concise description of just how bad things really were: the Russians had committed “the crime of the century.” They had “destabilized” our way of life through an “unprecedented attack on American democracy.”

Excited to finally see the evidence of vote tampering, I sped through the piece, only to find this conclusion written by the authors:

Despite the dire warnings, there were no meltdowns in the United States’ voting infrastructure on Nov. 8, no evidence of hacking-related fraud, crashing of electronic ballots or manipulation of vote counts.

If you want to know what happened in Georgia’s 6th District as well as South Carolina’s 5th District, Kansas’ 4th District, and Montana’s at-large District, pay close attention. Here in this breaking news piece, right after suggesting what the Russians perpetrated was nothing short of an intelligence and security coup in the United States by tampering with our election, the reporters at the Post admit just a page or two later that there is no evidence that the Russians manipulated anything about our election.

Years ago, this kind of inconsistent ignorance would have been a source of confusion for Americans. These days it’s not. We have come to expect it as we merely anticipate that media like the Post are in the business of promoting leftist propaganda far more than they are concerned with honest reporting. We now expect our media to lie to us, and lie so badly that they don’t even realize when they completely undermine their own thesis just a page into their latest “bombshell story.”

That’s why there is little doubt that this time it really was the Russians that turned the election in Georgia; because leftist preoccupation with false narratives and fake scandals to tarnish their opponents has utterly backfired.

Far from bringing down the people they are desperately targeting with their objectively fake news, the Democrat/Media Complex are in actuality motivating American voters to reject them and their transparent agenda every chance they get to punch a ballot.


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