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The Ossoff Walk of Shame: Reporter Walks From Ossoff’s House To GA-6 And Takes Two Hours!

Yesterday, I shared with you how even reliably Democrat-friendly MSNBC is giving Jon Ossoff a hard time for not living in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District, where he’s in a tight runoff election today against Karen Handel.

By Chris Queen

Ossoff assures voters that everything is just fine because he lives “down the street” from the edge of the district. (Later, campaign spokespeople clarified that his home is “three blocks away” from GA-6.)

It turns out that “down the street” and “three blocks away” are a bit of a stretch, as Brent Scher of the Washington Free Beacon discovered the hard way. Scher decided to walk from Ossoff’s home to the edge of the 6th district, and it was an epic journey.

He writes:

I set out to walk from Ossoff’s current residence in the northwest corner of Emory University to a section of the sixth district that juts down into the fifth district on Buford Highway. It would have been a shorter trip, by the way, to Georgia’s Fourth Congressional District, but that’s not where Ossoff is running.

I drew myself my own little map*, knowing that my phone would be taxed by my attempt to put the entire quest on Facebook Live, and set out at 10:32 a.m. for the* International Cafe*, which I determined to be the closest landmark inside the sixth district.*

Scher attempted to record his journey for posterity, but the long distance and the oppressive Georgia heat wreaked havoc on his phone.

After crossing the highway, I was able to capture video of the final stretch of my journey, though my phone again failed before the glorious International Cafe came into sight.

Scher arrived at the International Cafe just in time for lunch. His journey took him two hours. TWO HOURS! The entire trip was 3.2 miles.

Scher hailed an Uber for the ride back, and the return trip was over 18 minutes. Some three block trip just down the street, huh?

Check out Scher’s video account:


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