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Guys, Seriously, It’s Just a Chicken Sandwich … Calm Down

The single greatest cause of despair in a human being’s life is the absence of God.

By Peter Heck

Apart from His presence, life becomes a hedonistic and tragic pursuit of power and position in some vain attempt to draw purpose from what is otherwise ultimate meaninglessness. And when life is all about achieving earthly power, it quickly devolves into chaos and misery.

How miserable? You can’t even let yourself enjoy a delicious chicken sandwich.

By now everyone is aware that the fast-food giant Chick-fil-A came under withering assault from the virtue-signaling bigots of the LGBT political movement in America. Because its chief Dan Cathy holds to Biblical sexual ethics, miserable people made his remarkable food chain the bane of their existence.

They organized boycotts, gay “kiss-ins,” and a propaganda campaign that accused perhaps the most polite people in the food industry of being filled with hate. It was nonsense. And it remains nonsense. I say remains because the LGBT political movement is not giving up. Besides their continued efforts to prevent Chick-fil-A from opening any restaurants on college campuses, there continue to be insane social critiques like this one from the food site Eater:

[R]eckoning with Chick-fil-A is complicated . There’s the social question, which is how a Biblically grounded institution — whose $8 billion in sales dwarf KFC’s domestic operations — will fare as it expands outside of regions where it’s perceived as a beloved community cornerstone, rather than a venue whose mere presence evokes the type of anger normally directed at unqualified politicians.

I’m also here to report that it’s the only top 10 quick-service restaurant that doesn’t mention sexual orientation in its online equal opportunity statement, and that it holds a zero rating on LGBT benefits and worker protections from a prominent advocacy group. McDonald’s scored 100.

For the record, that “prominent advocacy group” is the Human Rights Campaign, a notorious anti-Christian hate group that promotes discrimination and prejudice against people with orthodox Christian views.

All that aside, the real issue comes down to whether or not this is the type of thing that should consume our thoughts when we go to buy a quick lunch. Our cultural rebellion to God has seen Him replaced with politics as the chief good and highest authority in the land.

Consequently we are to the absurd point of when deciding where to take the kids for nuggets we are supposed to consider the restaurant’s “online equal opportunity statement” rather than its cleanliness and affordability.

Admittedly I don’t have time for that, nor do I want to live in such a way that I have to be constantly on the look-out for some reason to be offended or to boycott a business. I love God and therefore I love people ”“ even if I disagree with them about really important issues.

Call me crazy, but I think if more people took that approach, we all might be happier.


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