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A Brief Response to Dennis Prager

Dennis Prager has written a piece that has the conservative-o-sphere abuzz asking why those who are still Never Trump remain so.

By Erick Erickson

I really cannot out perform Jonah Goldberg’s response and I am inclined to just say “ditto,” but one piece Jonah did not include (he’s said this several times already) is worth mentioning.

Who exactly is Dennis talking about?

See, if I say anything in defense of this administration, the President, or any of his staff I am presumed by some of just trying to suck up and ingratiate myself with Trump. Meanwhile, those who see themselves as apologists for Trump are ungrateful, badgering, and hope the supposed sucking up fails.

If I say anything critical about the President and his administration I am presumed to still be nursing a grudge over getting the election wrong. To Trump’s apologists, once Never Trump, always Never Trump, which is now short for treason to his tribe as much as the left presumes treason for supporting Trump.

I think Trump Derangement Syndrome is real. There are those who would never say a kind word about this administration even if it did everything they want. But there are also the deranged apologists who will gladly cheer on Russia because the President loves Russia.

For those who are just trying to call it as we see it, it is a no win situation but it is a situation worth being in.

Many of the people who bitched the loudest about Barack Obama playing golf all the time now suddenly are okay with Donald Trump’s travel costs and golf playing. Many of the people who wanted to impeach President Clinton for lying are now routinely defending lies. Many of the people who once believed character counts now think it’d be nice, but is not necessary for sound leadership. I’d prefer not to surrender my intellectual honesty.

So I’m just not sure who Dennis is talking about here.

One point to echo Jonah, I do not think we are in a civil war, but a culture war, and it is a culture war the GOP has no desire to fight. Its leader, Donald Trump, supports transgender bathroom access and gay marriage and wants to fund Planned Parenthood.

As to Trump being a general, I always thought conservatives were to be led by truth, not personality. To the extent the cult of personality has invaded the right, it is no less dishonest than it is on the left and its hagiographic treatment of both Obama and Clinton.

I’d prefer to deal with good people of sound character advancing good ideas. If President Trump advances good ideas, I will support him. But lately, he’s mostly just been doing damage control over a series of self-inflicted wounds. And because I know I’d dislike it if Barack Obama did the exact same thing, you’ll have to excuse me for not giving Donald Trump a pass.


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