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North Carolina Caves to LGBT Bullies, Bullies Still Not Happy

Republicans in Washington have (to this point) failed to do the easiest thing on their agenda: repeal Obamacare.

By Peter Heck

But lest you believe that Republicans can’t manage to repeal anything, news broke today that in North Carolina, Republicans there managed to repeal a common sense law that was meant to protect women and children from sexual predators.

CNN reports that:

The year-old law effectively forbids transgender people from using restrooms at government facilities that match the gender they identify with. It also prevents local governments from passing their own non-discrimination ordinances, like the one in Charlotte that prompted Republican state lawmakers to introduce HB2 last year.

Of course, CNN doesn’t bother to inform readers that the bill was written not in an effort to shame or humiliate people legitimately confused about their sex or gender, but in an effort to prevent sexual predators who are not transgender from exploiting these Orwellian named “non-discrimination” statutes by entering bathrooms of the opposite sex with nefarious intent.

The fact that CNN and its co-travelers along this road to left-wing social justice fail to ever mention that reality is one of the main reasons weak-spined Republicans caved in North Carolina. Bullying works. And the insanely powerful LGBT political lobby, including its willing accomplices in media and academia, bully with impunity.

Remember when the North Carolina law was first passed a year ago, it was the NCAA that pulled seven championship events from the state as punishment. First of all, any organization as fraught with mismanagement, scandal, misconduct and infamous inconsistency as the NCAA, attempting to get on its moral high horse to lecture anyone, anywhere about fairness and equality is a total joke.

As David French wrote at the time,

Can we just take a moment to ponder the pathetic absurdity that is the NCAA? This is an organization, mind you, that reaps billions of dollars of rewards off the labor of disproportionately poor and minority students while imposing on them — as a condition for even participating in college sports — economic restrictions not imposed on any other college student. So-called student-athletes don’t own their time, or even the rights to their own names. The vast majority of them don’t go on to play pro sports, so they’re effectively prevented from making money during the time when their earning potential is at its highest. But the NCAA is now suddenly discovering social justice? Please.

Precisely. Yet, it was that same NCAA that held the gun of economic boycott to the head of North Carolina lawmakers again and said, “Repeal this law or we’ll shoot,” that caused the Republican legislature to flinch rather than push back against the frauds.

And make no mistake, they could have pushed back hard. With the eyes of the country on them, North Carolina Republicans could have wrecked the NCAA. The NCAA that:

  • Exploits minority athletes for profit but prattles on about racial justice.
  • Hosts events in Cuba, and plays games in China while calling out North Carolina for human rights abuses.
  • Still has sex-segregated sports and locker rooms despite demanding North Carolina not sex-segregate their bathrooms and locker rooms.

But they didn’t. Instead they repealed the law to try to appease the fascist demands of the LGBT movement. As any student of history can tell you, appeasement only makes the aggressor more aggressive — particularly when you are talking about fascists.

And right on cue, the notorious bullies of the Human Rights Campaign issued a statement on the repeal:

“Any NC lawmaker who supports this bad #HB2 “deal” is no ally of LGBTQ people & will have planted themselves on the wrong side of history.”

Besides appealing to perhaps the dumbest and most overused phrase in the modern American lexicon (seriously, history has no “sides” — this is nothing more than the humanist attempt to appeal to some moral authority to replace the true God they abhor), HRC made clear the Republicans didn’t cave far enough. They never will.

Which is why at some point, people with moral backbones will have to resist.


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