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Mary Katharine Ham Destroys ObamaCare Lies

I’ve been a fan of Mary Katharine Ham for years and absolutely love any chance to see her go toe-to-toe with liberals on healthcare.

By Raz Shafer

The Hammer

She’s sharp, articulate and knows how to use the medium of TV effectively. In a sharp debate, watching her, on attack or defense, reminds me of Olympic Fencing.

Yesterday morning, Mary Katharine appeared on CNN to discuss the battle to repeal ObamaCare and she lit up show anchor Chris Cuomo. While it’s unclear to me whether she supports the Trump Administration’s current SwampCare effort, she is wholeheartedly opposed to keeping ObamaCare intact.

In her segment with Cuomo, Mary Katharine pushed back hard against the idea that conservative opposition to ObamaCare is about “cheap” issues.


The beginning of the exchange has drawn a bunch of criticism from people who believed Cuomo was calling Mary Katharine “cheap” but she defended him on twitter a couple times yesterday:

To be fair, he was referring to my rhetoric, not to me. He thought I took a cheap shot. I disagreed.
— Mary Katharine Ham (@mkhammer) March 24, 2017


They were not covering all of the things, sometimes including pediatric dental for single men with no children, yes. They were not covering those things. Look, these things bring up the prices. I am a person, single mom of two, who has lost three or four plans since Obamacare passed. I was told I would not; that was a lie. When I said that I would lose my plan, people called me a liar when this was going on. I have had 160 percent increase in my premiums; I was told those would go down, and I have had a 300 percent increase in my deductible. People are getting coverage that they cannot use because it is so expensive. That is something we have to deal with. One of the ways you can deal with that is cutting some of these, quote unquote, essential health benefits because some of them are, indeed, not essential. And you could give people more flexibility to have slightly less expensive and slightly less comprehensive plans, which is what many young people would like to buy.

Watch the entire clip below!


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