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How to Crush Abortion Activists with One Question

It continues to be the biggest charade in American media: politicians and pundits pretending what happens in an abortion is some kind of grand mystery.

By Peter Heck

It’s not 1973 anymore. Scientifically, medically, morally, constitutionally, ethically, there is no question that every abortion ends a human life, and those who attempt to suggest otherwise look like abject fools.

This is precisely why advocates of legalized child-killing rarely agree to interviews where they will be challenged. Because when they do, they humiliate themselves by refusing to answer the most elementary of questions.

Take what just happened on Tucker Carlson Tonight when the host asked Planned Parenthood Executive Vice President Dawn Laguens:

“If you can hear the heartbeat of this thing, this fetus, what is it? Is it just a piece of tissue or is it a separate human being?”

In a pathetic attempt to avoid the obvious, Laguens responded by saying,

“I think that’s up to each individual to decide what they believe.”

How long will we continue to pretend that this anti-science nonsense is some kind of reasonable, thoughtful answer? Would we consider it a rational defense of the actions of serial killers to say they individually determined their victims were not human? Humanity is not a matter of personal interpretation in any sane society.

To his credit, Carlson persisted in asking this simple, fundamental question:

“Is that a human being or not? Is it separate from the mother or not? A different blood type, often a different sex, different DNA. It doesn’t seem like a tumor or something that is connected to the woman wholly. It’s distinct. What does that mean.”

And once again revealing the paucity of reason and intellect that rests behind the legal abortion movement these days, one of their premier spokesmen could only stammer out this self-defeating, relativistic tripe:

“I am not going to project onto other women what I believe.”

That’s a lie. It’s not even a good one. After all, she went on Tucker’s show to advocate for the kind of laws she wants imposed on all of America. Laguens is projecting onto all women (and men) what she believes when she demands that laws be written or upheld that allow certain humans the ability to have other humans legally butchered for convenience. The inanity of the Planned Parenthood position is self-evident.

If I were Carlson I would have responded by saying, “Ms. Laguens, I’m persuaded by your comments. Frankly, I have thought about your own humanity and human rights as I’ve sat here and talked with you. And while I may personally believe that you are entitled to safety, life, liberty, and protection under the law, I simply cannot in good conscience project my personal feelings about your right to exist onto others. If someone else determines you to be less than human, we just can’t write laws to prevent them from legally dismembering you. This is what you’re suggesting here tonight, correct? That it’s up to each of us to determine who gets to live or die?”

Blunt? Sure. But perpetuating these juvenile words games, playing soft, and allowing sheer witlessness to pass as reasoned debate when it comes to protecting innocent human life must stop.

It’s time the activists for legalized child-killing be exposed for the intellectually vapid and morally degenerate positions they espouse.

And as Tucker Carlson demonstrated, that can be done with the simplest of questions: “What is in the womb?”


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