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Cultural Marxism Is Coming for Our Children

Several weeks ago, I told you about Teen Vogue and their online article that promoted abortion to young girls, by suggesting fun, trendy post-abortion goodies to get for their friends.

By Susan Wright

They’re after our children, Part II.

If you weren’t appropriately repulsed by that, just hang on.

Where Teen Vogue is using peer pressure to make abortion seem normal for the 13 to 17-year old girls, New York-based Donner Doll Company has placed their target on the 5 to 10 year olds, on behalf of transgenderism.

Last week, at the New York Toy Fair, Donner debuted the first “transgender” doll, based on a very disturbed young man named Jared Jennings.

Jennings, the media-celebrated star of The Learning Channel (TLC) show “I Am Jazz,” started his “transition” to living as a “female” as a five-year-old boy, with his family’s enthusiastic (and troubling) support. He is taking hormone therapy to block his puberty and natural development into a man.

There is something deeply sick about parents that would eagerly rush to allow their 5-year old child to carry a fantasy to such extremes.

Let’s be frank. This isn’t just sick. It was also exploitive.

What better way to get media attention (and maybe even their own reality TV show) by using their child’s mental illness?

And that’s exactly what this is. It is a mental illness.

To be specific, what Jennings is going through has a name. It’s called gender dysphoria.

Merriam-Webster defines “dysphoria” this way: a state of feeling unwell or unhappy.

Feelings are emotional or even spiritual, but they are not biological fact. To say someone has gender dysphoria is to say they don’t feel well about being born male or female, but there’s no guarantee that if you mutilate their bodies, they will suddenly feel better. Feelings tend to be deeper, not surface, so not necessarily attached to the physical.

Another mental illness is schizophrenia.

Schizophrenia, much like gender dysphoria, affects how a person feels, concentrates, reacts, and so forth. They may even have hallucinations.

Unlike gender dysphoria, when a person is diagnosed schizophrenic, nobody tells them that they’re absolutely right — the government is poisoning their food and the checkout girl at the grocery store is spying on them.

No, they are treated with medication and therapy.

So why is gender dysphoria treated by catering to the sickness, rather than trying to teach these individuals to be comfortable and healthy in their bodies?

Mainly, because those suffering from gender dysphoria — the transgenders — fall under the social justice umbrella of the LGBT community, and cultural Marxism is a ravenous beast. The individuals are little more than tools, used to destroy the foundation of our society.

On February 10, Jennings took to Instagram to promote his new doll.

This is the first transgender doll on the market, and guess what?! It’s ME!!!😱😍@tonnerdoll did a great job of creating this beautiful item! It will be available in July, and I hope that it can place transgender people in a positive light by showing that we are just like all other people💗 For those asking: the doll is considered to be the first “transgender” doll because it’s based on an individual who is trans. Of course it is still just a regular girl doll because that’s exactly what I am: a regular girl!💖

Except you’re not a “regular girl,” Jared. You’re a boy. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have to keep telling yourself that you are.

Regular girls are born female, with all the necessary biological markers, and they don’t need hormone therapy to stop puberty.

They also don’t need surgery and makeup to take on the mere appearance of femininity.

They just are.

Jennings is considering getting breast implants, at some point, in order to look more like a girl. He also still possesses a penis. He won’t be eligible for the so-called “male-to-female” surgery until he is 18-years old, but as one episode revealed, he’s not completely sure he wants to have the surgery.

Confused? Why, yes he is.

Another episode highlighted the fact that this would-be girl experienced an erection while undergoing a procedure to get his testosterone-blocker replaced.

Yeah. Girls don’t get those.

Jazz Jennings is a myth. Jared Jennings needs help, but what he’s dealing with is exploitation by his parents, The Learning Channel, the doctors, and now the doll company.

And all this is being done under the banner of “political correctness.”

Dolls, magazines, TV shows …

There is a concerted effort to win over our children, and it is creeping in every way it can.

That is all the more reason for parents to remain vigilant.

If they get to our children, they own our future.


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