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Sarah Palin, What Happened to You?

I’m embarrassed for her, and I’m embarrassed for me, because I remember a time when I thought she was bright, brash, and truly stood for American values and conservative principles. Now, she’s something less.

By Susan Wright

I’m so embarrassed.

I don’t know where it began or if anything I thought she was even existed. Maybe I was blinded by the patriotic fervor of the day.

Barack Obama had won the 2008 election, he’d begun a campaign of dismantling everything underpinning the American way of life, burdening the taxpayers with over-regulation, and by 2010, the TEA Party was renewing a sense of righteous anger in the American public.

Sarah Palin emerged from the ashes of the 2008 election as a voice for the people.

Her family were becoming a symbol of old school, “can do” Americana.

A Fox News stint, and several reality TV shows later, things have unraveled.

With no reality TV venue and no contract with any news outlet, where she may spout her homey colloquialisms, Palin seems desperate to latch on to whatever shooting star she can, in order to regain her place in the spotlight.

Enter Donald Trump, and the raging brush fire of his candidacy, which carried him straight to the White House.

I’ll give it to Palin — She saw the potential and jumped on the Trump train early. Unfortunately, her incessant cheerleading did not lead to a cabinet position or any job within the administration.

As a matter of fact, Trump seems to have dismissed her rather abruptly, after her last appearance for him, where she came across as near-incoherent, so much so that even Trump seemed uncomfortable with her.

Most who are familiar with my rather purist view of conservatism know that I took no joy from Trump’s candidacy, nor his eventual win (although I am immensely thrilled to see Hillary Clinton denied what she literally felt was “owed” to her, by virtue of her gender).

Now that we have Trump, I’m willing to allow him to prove me wrong. I’m actually praying for it, because if he does well, our nation does well.

That being said, anyone trying to make him out to be anything other than another politician (and an unproven one, at that) is treading dangerous ground.

We are a (still) free and independent society. We are a representative Republic, set up in order that the people self-govern and the rights are to the individual. It hasn’t always been smooth, nor is it perfect. No system made up of men can ever be.

Taking all of that into account, when you see anyone speak of a mere man, a politician, as if he were the savior of our way of life, even before he’s ever taken office or signed a piece of legislation, you should worry.

Sarah Palin’s desperate attempt to remain relevant has devolved into something so bizarre, it defies all sense of reason.

Again, we know she is a true Trump devotee, but she posted a rambling screed to Donald Trump on her Facebook page yesterday that rivals the state-operated propaganda of North Korea.

She begins:

Thank God … really, literally … thank God we’re not facing a third Obama term. If you caught PE-Trump’s first presser today, you saw it.

Well, he served the maximum two terms, so we weren’t going to have a third Obama term, regardless.

For one, when PE-Trump takes on corrupt lying lapdog media it is vindication and validation for those without a microphone who’ve been shot by reporters engaged in politics of personal destruction.

These “journalists” — bad characters that they are — hurt our nation tremendously; they disrespect those who fought and died to protect America’s freedom of the press; they spit upon the graves of our veterans. We deem those reporters and their publications irrelevant now.
That’s a little much.

We know mainstream media is inherently biased. It as imperfect venue, staffed by imperfect beings.

Do we give them a pass for their bias? No. We point it out. We call them out.

What we don’t do is shut down the media. For Palin to call the media “irrelevant” is concerning. A free press is a pillar of our society, and while it has gone sideways, with partisan politics, “us” versus “them,” and social media making it easier for actual “fake” news and parody sites to get as much attention as legitimate news organizations, the press is still important.

HOPE in this arena soars upon seeing a fearless leader take on injustice.

APPRECIATION fills our heart when our new President exudes our collective red, white and blue courage in the face of purveyors of yellow journalism. Press members have worked as a herd of lost little lazy sheep. The herd is now decimated.

Fearless leader? That’s so close to how North Koreans are forced to refer to the dictator who presides over them, it’s as if this came from one of the aforementioned parody sites, but it’s not. She actually used that term.

And we’ve been offered “HOPE” from a leader before he entered office and took all hope away, before.

America’s challenges can now be tackled with seriousness.

The impossible burden of dealing with unethical mediums is off our shoulder — and that’s one less excuse leaders will have as we ask them to finally do the job we send them to do in Washington.

The equally important excuse of “having no power” is gone now, too, so the independent commonsense public servants whom we hired with our votes must plow through the muck and mire and DRAIN THE SWAMP.


The man lives in a gilded penthouse and has for his entire public career been a showman, appearing on reality TV, pro wrestling events, and is known as a running joke in his home city of New York.

As for draining the swamp, the cast of career politicians, Goldman-Sachs figures, and assorted other Beltway “insiders” Trump has brought into his cabinet would suggest that swamp draining wasn’t high on his list of priorities.

Palin did go on to say we are to hold those who are now in Washington accountable, but in her rambling diatribe, you get the feeling she’s already made Trump king.

Her ardor for Trump is unrealistic.

Her suggestions for silencing the press are dangerous.

Her motives are unclear.

What we can be sure of, however, is that this is desperation, on her part, and somewhere in there, she sees something for herself.

This is mercenary. Principles be damned.


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