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Destroy the United Nations

Sometimes enough really is just enough. And so it is here.The United Nations, which emerged out of the ashes of the Second World War and the Shoah but which has come to embody that which it was initially formed to oppose, has long ceased serving any useful function.

By Josh Hammer

Ironically founded in no small part to better secure the Jewish fate, the wretched hive of morally relativistic scum and Western values-loathing villainy has long succumbed to strongman sycophancy, noxious Arab supremacism, and perverse Islamist-Leftist dogma.  The grotesque body that once so pusillanimously slandered Zionism as “racism” has now doubled down on its obsessive Jew-hatred with Friday’s Security Council passage of Resolution 2334, a disgraceful screed that betrays Leftist attempts to legitimize the Yitzhak Rabin/Yasser Arafat-negotiated Oslo Acccords framework and seeks to unilaterally impose final settlement terms on the Israelis and the Palestinians that would enforce the (literally) indefensible “1967 borders” armistice line.

Notwithstanding that the “1967 borders,” decried by virtually the entire Israeli defense edifice and sardonically lambasted by many in the tiny Jewish state as “Auschwitz borders,” would shrink Israel to a mere nine miles wide at its narrowest point.  Notwithstanding that 2334 rewards the kleptocratic, jihadi martyr-subsidizing Palestinian Authority, which has turned down multiple generous Israeli offers of full-fledged statehood in this century alone, and of late has allied with Muslim Brotherhood offshoot Sunni sharia supremacist terror group Hamas in a “unity government,” for instigating a bloody “knife intifada” that consisted of stabbing as many Jerusalem Jews as the jihadists could find.  Notwithstanding that, under 2334, the two holiest sites in all of Judaism (the Temple Mount and the Western Wall) have their history scurrilously rewritten by Islamophilic revisionists so as to unfathomably render them part of “occupied Palestinian territory.”  Notwithstanding that, under 2334, the entire Jewish Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem, where Jews have lived for literally millennia, is also deemed “occupied Palestinian territory” in its entirety.  Notwithstanding that, under 2334, Jesus (born as a Jew in Bethlehem) would have been considered an “illegal settler” in “occupied Palestinian territory.”  Notwithstanding that, as my friend Eugene Kontorovich aptly demonstrates, the actual underlying legal dispute with respect to Judea and Samaria is far from settled.

To say that this is reprehensibly ugly and shameful would be to put it mildly.  Such misanthropic anti-Judeo-Christian and pro-Arabist historical revisionism is, of course, par for the course for the feckless dolts at the supra-national, sovereignty-undermining institution that perverts Manhattan’s East River skyline.

But by not only formally abstaining at the vote but (by all accounts) also surreptitiously working behind the scenes to lobby passage of Resolution 2334, the unhinged Obama Administration and its sharia supremacism-abetting foot soldiers in Foggy Bottom have truly struck a dagger into the very essence of the American role at the U.N.  For decades, the U.S. could be counted upon to exercise its permanent Security Council veto to stop such misguided anti-Israel assaults in their tracks.  Indeed, many conservatives reluctantly acceded to U.S. funding and membership in the international body for something akin to precisely this reason.  Over my personal protestations, I have heard this express rationale from many conservative friends.

In a moment of true clarity, though, the unholy Leftist trinity of Barack Obama, John Kerry, and Samantha Power savagely betrayed Israel and disproved the alleged efficacy of such a long-term strategy.  So be it.  But now the global progressive Left, ever in love with its would-be transnational overlords at the U.N., must pay a steep price for that betrayal.

That price is simple.  Donald Trump and the Republican-led U.S. Congress should declare war on the United Nations.  No actual bullets need be fired, but it is now time to do everything in our power to destroy any remaining claimed credibility and legitimacy for the U.N.  Yes, destroy.

Fully defunding the God-forsaken multinationalist entity of any U.S. taxpayer dollars should be an immediate first step.  Next, the Trump Administration should take any and all necessary steps to get that blighted symbol of illiberal autocracy and Jew-hatred off Manhattan’s proud skyline.  Steve has some good ideas for how to accomplish that.  I’d only add (and, given the U.N.’s idiosyncratic legal status, I’m actually not positive how this might work) that, despite my usual firm opposition to eminent domain, I would be on board with the idea of using it to kick the U.N. out of New York.  Removing the Western democracy-bashing, terrorist-abetting “diplomats” from Turtle Bay might plausibly count as a “public use” in its own right, per the Fifth Amendment textual requirement.  But to solidify (if necessary, here?) Fifth Amendment requirements, just for good measure, and also to show what he really thinks of the amorphous, anti-Semitic “international community,” Trump should then install an elaborate missile defense system there in the building’s stead in eastern Manhattan.  Right in the rubble of the U.N. building.  And he should point the missile defense system directly at Tehran.

Next, after the repulsive body is defunded and kicked off our sovereign shores, and after soon-to-be U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley has spent a week or two enjoying herself by trolling the international body and making extensive use of her two middle fingers, the U.S. should formally and fully withdraw its membership status.  The Obama Administration has singularly destroyed the rationale underlying the only quasi-legitimate reason to retain membership status, which is to use the veto power to block irksome Security Council resolutions.  That (perhaps always) quixotic ideal died last Friday, with Samantha Power’s disgraceful abstention on Resolution 2334.  Since there is literally no other compelling reason for the U.S. to formally bless the legitimacy of a morally perverse body that praises Fidel Castro but says Jews have no ties to the Western Wall, we should rip the Band-Aid off in its entirety.  The U.N. already undermines our constitutional self-rule and hamstrings our foreign policy by submitting it to the capricious whims of autocrats and dictators.  Be gone already.

Finally, after congressional defunding, the building of a missile defense system in the literal ashes of the former U.N. edifice in Turtle Bay, and formal withdrawal, conservatives and U.N. skeptics must commence a systemic, profound assault in the public discourse to deprive the institution of any extant legitimacy.  President Trump should make an affirmative case for full withdrawal in his State of the Union Address, and he can supplement the formal case by (in true Trumpist fashion) adding the occasional mocking insult or two toward Ban Ki-moon and his illicit henchmen.  Trump can taunt their newfound inability to prevent the U.S. from taking whatever actions it wants to take vis a vis either the Sunni (e.g., Islamic State or Muslim Brotherhood) or Shi’ite (i.e., Iran) jihads.  Sitting conservative politicians should make a concerted effort to tout the benefits of our being constitutionally and geopolitically unshackled on the Sunday talk show circuit, and in other mainstream media more broadly.  Like-minded Western allies should be encouraged to follow us out the door and to not look back.  And if the mainstream Jewish establishment (represented by traditional, non-right-wing groups like AIPAC, AJC, and the Jewish Federations of North America) has any sense of pride and post-Obama era hardened realism as to the threats to Israel, it ought to enthusiastically join in this public relations effort.

With the body sinking deeper and deeper into self-parody, a concerted effort at shaming, delegitiziming, and (yes) fully withdrawing from the U.N. is long overdue.  The United Nations is a disgraceful black mark on our national conscience and, upon assuming office, Donald Trump and the Republican-led Congress should waste little time in stripping these retrograde anti-Semites of any and all American imprimaturs.  As far as I’m concerned, the Jew-hating scum who pathetically virtue signal when it comes to Assad’s butchery in Syria but instead choose to focus on anti-Semitic resolutions like Friday’s 2334 farce can all go to hell.  Yes, to hell.

What was once a well-intentioned attempt to prevent the excesses of European-style nationalism has long degenerated into a punch line.  And a bigoted Jew-hating punch line, at that.  It is long time to assure the same fate for this toothless body as was met by all the scores of groups who tried, but failed, over millennia in their own myriad ways to harm and ultimately eradicate the Jewish people.

Be gone already.  United Nations delenda est.


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