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Scott Pruitt: A Great Selection

According to the New York Times, President-elect Donald Trump has selected Oklahoma’s Attorney General, Scott Pruitt, to head up the Environmental Protection Agency. A vehicle for the Obama Administration’s climate change/global warming agenda, the EPA has issued over 3,900 new rules and 33,000 pages of new regulations since 2009. New compliance costs associated with these draconian rules averages almost $50B annually as President Obama attempted to use the EPA to destroy the fossil fuel industry under the banner of “global warming.”

Under President Obama, the EPA wasn’t just another overreaching government agency. It was the spearhead for implementing the Left’s modern form of Gaia worship.

That ended today with the selection of Scott Pruitt to be the new head of the EPA. For years Scott has fought against the Obama Administration’s aggressive agenda, from the implementation of Obamacare to burdensome EPA regulations.

While many on the Left are bemoaning his selection as a nod to the “evil” fossil fuel industry, let’s be honest, Scott is a sharp lawyer and a man well-versed in the Constitution who will roll back the ridiculous regulations the EPA has forced on America the last eight years.

One can almost hear the sigh of relief from businesses across America.

Among Scott’s accomplishment’s as Oklahoma’s Attorney General are:

  • Leading a challenge to the EPA’s so-called “Waters of the United State Rule,” an attempt by the Obama Administration to seize federal control over virtually all bodies of water in the United States.
  • Securing a historic stay from SCOTUS of the so-called Clean Power Plan and was singled out for developing the constitutional arguments in opposition to the Clean Power Plan.
  • Leading challenges to EPA rules relating to regional haze, ozone, greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide regulations.
  • A key architect of the legal challenge to President Obama’s illegal executive actions on illegal immigration, which ultimately led to SCOTUS upholding an injunction of implementation of those executive actions in a case called United States v. Texas and Oklahoma et al., No. 15-674.
  • First to sue challenging the legality of the Obama Administration’s rewriting of Obamacare through regulation to allow subsidies to be paid even in states that declined to establish an insurance exchange, creating the legal theories behind the issue that was ultimately resolved by SCOTUS in King v. Burwell.
  • Created the Nation’s first Federalism Unit, a group of attorneys within the Attorney General’s office dedicated solely to restoring the proper balance of power between the State and federal governments.

These are just a few of Scott’s accomplishments. The list goes on and on and in it you might see a trend line. Scott Pruitt has been a burr in President Obama’s saddle for years and one of the most effective roadblocks to the unconstitutional overreach of his administration.

You want to re-charge an economy? Remove stupid regulations. You want a market to work and produce jobs and profit? Then make it free.

I have long been a doubter of Donald Trump and what his agenda really is, especially after the Al Gore meeting earlier this week. The selection of Scott Pruitt to head the EPA eases some of the doubt.

This isn’t just a good selection.

This is a great one.


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