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Here’s Why the Democrats Are Pushing an Expensive, Doomed to Fail, Recall

In Pennsylvania, because the Green Party missed the state deadline for a recount, they are going to selected counties for recounts.

In Wisconsin, they have to fork over $3.5 million today to make a recount happen. They are pushing in Michigan as well.

In Pennsylvania, Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton by 75,000 votes, which is around 30,000 more than Jill Stein got altogether. There is no way Jill Stein could find enough votes to get herself an electoral college vote and there is no realistic way that there would be enough votes to throw a state to Hillary Clinton.

On top of that, if any one of these states goes for Trump, he wins. So why do it?

First, it is to delegitimize the process. The Democrats want to cast enough doubt on the election that their base, who prides itself on being smarter than the right, will spin into fake news and conspiracy theory territory to get them doubly fired up in 2018 for the congressional elections. They can then use that as a claim for mandate against Trump and as further proof that the 2016 results were fraudulent as they head to 2020.

Though electronic voting machines make it highly unlikely to ever alter an election, the Democrats can challenge individual paper ballots cast and create a narrative that Republicans shut out black people, gay people, hispanics, etc in an effort to suppress the vote. Remember, narrative is more important than truth to Democrats.

The left, in their arrogance and moral superiority, is just as likely to fall for a con as the right, but because so much of the media leans left the Democrats know no fact checker is going to call bulls–t on the claims. They will smugly reassure themselves that Russia really did hand the election to Trump and Republicans really did suppress or reject lawfully cast votes to such a degree as to hand Trump the White House.

But there is a second and very real reason the Democrats are doing this.

If Pennsylvania counties run by Democrats; Michigan with a lot of Democrats, but overseen by a Republican Secretary of State; and Wisconsin with a Democrat Secretary of State can drag out the recount process, it will prevent electors from being chosen for the Electoral College in those states.

That would force the election into the House of Representatives.

Trump would still win, but it would force every member of the GOP in the House on the record for Trump. There would be no walking away from him, walking it back, or distancing themselves. They would then own Donald Trump completely.

The Democrats have hit on a strategy that will see the mainstream media and left force Republican ownership of every bad idea, every stupid tweet, and every failure that Trump advances. They would love to start with his presidency in general. In two years, every Republican in the House will see commercials attacking them for their vote to affirm Trump’s presidency.

This is the longest of long shots for the Democrats. The odds are it will not happen. But they are grasping at straws now. They will either delegitimize the process or they will try to tie individual Republicans so tightly to Donald Trump that there is no shadow between them.

Of course, this only works if Trump is the disaster they expect him to be. This is also reason for the GOP to not delay in repealing Obama’s agenda as quickly as possible.


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