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I Would Like to Thank the American Left

I have many of the same concerns about Donald Trump that the left does, though from the right, not the left. The populist-nationalism that fueled his campaign is dangerous. The sentiments he inspired in people concern me. For the first time in my political career, I had people show up at my home to threaten me and my family. A man yelled at my kids in the grocery store. I’ve received death threats, harassment of my advertisers both at The Resurgent and radio, calls for me to be fired, etc.

The rise of the alt-right is a real and serious concern. The emboldened sentiments that confuse being against political correctness with license to be a jackass are troubling. One can be against political correctness without needing to be a rude, uncivil jackass to prove it.

But all my concerns are tempered by remembering how many of us on the right were freaked out by Barack Obama’s call to close Guantanamo Bay and let loose the terrorists there. The place is still open. And all our concerns about the administration rounding up our guns have been alleviated. It did not happen.

You guys are now having the collective freakout that we had in 2008, but it is more akin to your 2004 reaction to Bush’s re-election on steroids. In 2004, you thought you could be rid of George Chimpy McBusHitler Halliburton and instead he got re-election. The fever swamps of the left gave rise to conspiracy theories and hatred.

Now, however, you cannot bear to give up power. You thought you had it by divine right, minus the belief in God. You bought into that “arc of history” bulls**t your mom jeans wearing god spreads around and suddenly see the arc yanked back by reality.

What’s more, you have bought into and believe all the rhetoric and nonsense pushed by your activists who really do loathe conservatives, Christians, and white people who live outside the gentrified areas of left-wing controlled cities.

In trying to enforce skin deep diversity with cultural homogeneity, you pissed off a lot of lot of people and woke the proverbial sleeping giant. This is what you get when you have the audacity to believe a 70 year old florist should be hounded from business for not wanting to provide flowers for a gay wedding.

Your pride and open contempt for other opinions got the better of you.

I share a lot of your concerns, but I want to give President-elect Trump the benefit of the doubt. I am not afraid to publicly disagree with him. But your temper tantrum of the past forty-eight hours is rapidly helping me come to terms with and appreciate Trump’s election.

Your tears are sweet nectar to many of us. Your demands for silence of dissent, your constant cries of racism and sexism when there was none, your insistence that boys and girls can change their gender and we all have to accept it, etc. have gotten you to this point.

Your protests are not protests. They are vainglorious temper tantrums because you did not get your way. For the past eight years you have shown zero humility when you got your way. You insisted on rubbing our noses in it and demanded adherence to your agenda.

You’re going to have to swallow some bitter pills over the next two years. Perhaps, in four, you’ll realize when we cautioned you about overreach and precedents set by Obama that you turned a blind eye to or cheered, you’ll finally understand what we meant. Donald Trump will now use and expand the precedents of Barack Obama. He will ignore Democrats in Congress. He will ignore the press. He will use his executive powers. And you have no intellectual integrity to challenge him because you cheered on Barack Obama doing the same.

We all need modesty and humility in governance. You forgot yours or never had it to begin with. And, ultimately, you forgot a very simple lesson: the arc of history is set by winners, not in some fixed permanence of progressive will. The arc will now bend in a different direction.

I cannot thank you enough for helping me and so many others who did not like Trump suddenly appreciate him.


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