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Mid-Election Day Update

Americans are out and voting.  If you still haven’t, then you should, too.  The top-line presidential race has gotten most of the attention—and, yes, both major party candidates are just plain awful:

But, crucially, it is the down-ballot races that are arguably even more important.  Nate Silver and the FiveThirtyEight crew have the fate of U.S. Senate as a legitimate coin flip:

Larry Sabato’s popular “Crystal Ball” forecasting site agrees with FiveThirtyEight that the fate of the U.S. Senate will be razor-thin.

So please, go out and vote.  With a non-conservative, amoral, Big Government New Yorker set to become the next Commander-in-Chief, it is imperative that conservatives turn out at the ballot box to help retain Republican majorities in both legislative bodies of the U.S. Congress.  While congressional Republicans have not fought President Obama tooth and nail as they should have, it is still indubitably the case that a Republican congressional majority is much preferable to a Democratic one.

From all across the Internet, here are some things to keep an eye on, at this midday stage of Election Day:

  • Today is the first day that the VoteCastr project is attempting to crunch turnout data in real-time.  The FiveThirtyEight gurus have sometimes expressed pessimism as to VoteCastr’s accuracy, but it is nonetheless an innovative and helpful tool.  (Incidentally, I actual have some serious ethical concerns with it, but for purposes of today, those concerns are neither here nor there.)
  • Trump is already playing defense in Nevada.  Jim Geragthy of National Review thinks it may already be over in the Silver State based on the early vote tallies, and Trump has apparently already done the Trumpiest thing ever by filing a likely-frivolous lawsuit in the population center of Clark County.

  • Frank Luntz, obviously a well-connected man in the polling world, had some interesting anecdotal insights this morning:

  • Henry Olsen of the Ethics and Public Policy Center, a well-respected political handicapper, has written about as pro-Trump a prediction piece as I’ve seen from any respected pundit/psephologist.
  • My old friend Harry Enten has written an outstanding hour-by-hour guide for how to best watch tonight’s returns.
  • Perhaps most importantly, Bill Mitchell is still Bill Mitchell-ing hard:

Keep following Twitter, FiveThirtyEight, VoteCastr, Decision Desk (later today/tonight), and (obviously) The Resurgent.

This will all be over soon, America.  The Restoration begins tomorrow.


UPDATE: Trump’s aforementioned Nevada lawsuit has already been shot down.


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