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#NeverTrump Must Never Forget How Utterly Terrible Hillary Clinton Also Is

Hillary Clinton, now once again under FBI investigation for having flagrantly vitiated U.S. national security due to what septuagenarian loonbag socialist communist Bernie Sanders might call her “damn emails,” is (still) all but certain to become the next President of the United States.  This became true the night that Sen. Ted Cruz withdrew from the Republican presidential primary fight following his May 3 loss in Indiana, and it was only made more true when RNC Chairman Reince Priebus teamed up with Paul Manafort and other Trump henchmen in Cleveland to brazenly quash the ascendant #FreeTheDelegates movement and assure the “alt-right” orange god-king of his successful hostile takeover of the Party of Lincoln.

I first became #NeverTrump back in early March, when the visceral sting of watching the narcissist double—and triple—down on his vows to jam war crime orders down the throats of honorably serving military generals simply became too reminiscent of the ghosts of the fascists of the past for me to ignore.  I have never wavered from that position, including up to the moment I did what I said I would do by voting for Evan McMullin to be our next President of the United States.  (I happily voted early for Evan this past weekend; I fundamentally oppose early voting, in principle—which is perhaps a post for another day—but I also see no sense in unilaterally disarming when it is an available option.)

At the same time as I have opposed Donald J. Trump as strongly as I have, I have made abundantly clear my extreme distaste for Hillary Rodham Clinton.  It speaks volumes about the 2016 dumpster fire and its abundance of internecine recriminations that I even felt the need to make this clear.  I am in my most natural state when I am trolling and aggravating the Left; fighting the Left and exposing inveterate Leftists as the morally relativistic, Western civilization-bashing misanthropes they are is literally what motivated me to turn to conservative blogging in the first place.  I seriously pause whenever a Leftist friend or acquaintance likes an anti-Trump tweet or Facebook post of mine; not because Trump isn’t awful (he is), but because I am both personally hardwired to fight the Left and because I earnestly believe that the modern Left poses a calamitous threat to the security and soundness of the free world.

In my “#NeverTrump Cheat Sheet” back in May, I ranked the prospect of affirmatively voting for Hillary to be a worse option than taking cyanide:

If the orange-hued clown had never arisen, the case would be fairly straightforward that Hillary Rodham Clinton is almost uniquely and catastrophically unqualified for the high office she seeks.  She is one of the most serially corrupt politicians of any of our lifetimes…I say that despite my firm belief that the orange-hued clown, whom I have previously called “the very demagogue the Founders feared,” indeed has an even worse downside than Hillary.  But she is still all kinds of horrible, and we should not be actively complicit by affirmatively voting for her.

In July, when I became annoyed at seeing some partisan Democratic shills excoriate anti-Trump conservatives by making the illogical and sophomoric argument that anything short of an affirmative vote for Clinton is a de facto vote for Trump, I responded:

If you affirmatively vote for Donald Trump—a catastrophically uninformed, demagogic blowhard whom I have personally written has a 10-15% chance of being a legitimate proto-fascist—as President of the United States, you will have to live with that decision for the rest of your life.  But similarly, if you affirmatively vote for Hillary Clinton—a decades-long brutally corrupted socialist who has expressly used the levers of government to enrich herself and her God-forsaken cronies, pathologically lied to the American people over her chicanery on the email scandal, almost certainly belongs in jail for having clearly broken federal criminal law and repeatedly undermining U.S. national security interests, capitulated to the world’s worst actors as Secretary of State and directly abetted Putin revanchism in Eastern Europe, increased Chinese militancy in the South China Sea, the slaughter fields of Syria, the rise of Islamic State, and the second-Holocaust aspiring genocidal would-be nuclear sharia theocrats in Tehran alike, and who literally lied to the the families of slain Benghazi victims whilst those victims’ dead bodies still laid in rest in American flag-draped coffins—then you will also have to live with that decision for the rest of your life, too.

In the same July piece, I also lamented the lack of an equivalent #NeverTrump movement on the Left, regarding the Democrats’ own massively flawed nominee:

…[I]t is to the Left’s great shame that there does not exist a greater-than-fringe #NeverHillary movement that mirrors the Resistance on the Right.  Some of us on the Right are fighting back against this election cycle’s ignoble race to the bottom.  Where, exactly, is the equivalent movement on the Left?

Many others on the Right share my lamentation:

Finally, in September, I again made clear that I reserve no animus whatsoever for reluctant Trump supporters—or what I called the first category of Trump supporters, in my tripartite hierarchy:

1. Those Who Would Only Reluctantly Vote for Trump to Try to Save SCOTUS, or Because He Is Perhaps Less Terrible Than Hillary Clinton – Though I am firmly #NeverTrump and have thus arrived at a different conclusion, I sympathize with these voters.  Heck, when the emotional sting of Justice Antonin Scalia’s death was still raw, I wrote that I was one of these voters.  (That changed quickly.)  And while I have explained why Trump’s SCOTUS judges list is irrelevant and have described Trump as having a 10-15% chance of being an actual would-be fascist, the reality remains that Hillary Clinton is irredeemably putrid at not just formulating public policy, but frankly at doing pretty much everything in life.  She is a living, breathing dumpster fire, and I strenuously oppose her unique brand of evil.  For those who—incorrectly, in my view—truly do view the election as a binary choice, voting for Trump is a perfectly defensible option.  I do not begrudge these voters; heck, I even have many indisputably conservative friends who will be doing precisely this in November.  These voters are clearly an integral part of the conservative movement, and thus are also part of the post-Trump GOP coalition.

Hillary Clinton, going as far back as the 1978-1979 cattle futures scandal in Arkansas and continuing well up through the Clinton Foundation’s far-too-cozy relationship with the Qatari government (arguably the world’s number one most infamous institutional funder of the global Sunni jihad) and sundry other pay-to-play cronyists, is deeply corrupt all the way to her inner core.  Her zeal for the prenatal infanticide lobby is striking, and Ramesh Ponnuru accurately notes how her support for “partial-birth” abortion (in which a nearly fully developed unborn child is killed by having its skull crushed and its brains vacuumed out) is northing short of “radical.”  Her obfuscation on the landmark D.C. v. Heller U.S. Supreme Court case is abominable; do not let this woman convince you that she believes anything other than that the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution does not guarantee an individual the right to keep and bear arms.  Her “credentials” as a comprehensive anti-freedom gun-grabber, more generally, are unassailable.  Vintage Clintonian distortion to the contrary, she actually does support mass amnesty and the George Soros-backed open border agenda.  Her bloviating on the role of the Article III federal judiciary makes no attempt whatsoever to hide her fundamentally anti-republican belief that the U.S. Supreme Court ought to just function as a policy-implementing super-legislature.  Her general foreign policy doctrine is literally the precise opposite of what it should be: rather than being focused like a hawk on exterminating the global jihad and wary of moralistic nation-building exercises, hers is both dovish on the jihad and infused with a United Nations/Samantha Power-esque “Responsibility to Protect” interventionist moralism (see, e.g., the botched Libya intervention).

And again, it seems clear that, if Hillary Clinton does indeed win the Electoral College vote on November 8—as I do still believe will happen—she will do so whilst simultaneously being under FBI investigation for having undermined the national security of the United States of America:

The only reason some of us on the Right use the term #NeverTrump so much more frequently than we use the term #NeverHillary is because it should largely be assumed that, as committed conservatives, we are already (obviously!) #NeverHillary.  It is, indeed, truly disappointing to see some Republican pundits and think tankers, such as Bret Stephens and Max Boot, go all in on affirmatively voting for Hillary Clinton.  With Evan McMullin and Darrell Castle as options in most states, there is simply no reason to make that decision.  (I think so little of Gary Johnson, incidentally, so as to not even include him in the preceding sentence.)  Not only is there no need to do that, but it gives Hillary Clinton far too much credit as being anything other than the miserably flawed candidate she actually is.  Indeed, she probably does belong in jail—or, at minimum, it is a very close case that certainly should have been prosecuted.

Conservatism is going to lose on November 8, no matter which amoral jokester prevails in the Electoral College tally.  On the morning of November 9, the slow process of turning our Resistance movement into a broad-scale civic restoration will commence.  We will need to re-promulgate and evangelize our principles, elevate morality back into its rightful place in the national conscience, expiate the post-Russell Kirk/William F. Buckley conservative movement of the wretched cancer represented by the racists and Jew-haters of the so-called “alt-right” (whilst leaving be the merely more overtly populist-minded/Pat Buchanan-esque voters), and then take the fight to the Left.  In trying to do all of the above, it is unhelpful to pretend that Hillary Rodham Clinton is anything other than catastrophically terrible and antithetical to our cause in every possible way.


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