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Waiting For The Mothership

I tweeted a very simple comment that distills Donald Trump to what I believe is his essence, given the facts in evidence. Then my Twitter timeline exploded with Branch Trumpidians spewing venom and vowing revenge when Trump wins on November 8th.


Trump has (and this is just a sampling):

  • Advocated single-payer (it works so well in Canada) healthcare, which is Hillarycare.
  • Advocated raising the minimum wage.
  • Claimed to be pro-life while saying Planned Parenthood does some good things.
  • Donated to Hillary Clinton’s campaigns.
  • Praised Hillary Clinton (on several occasions, as a senator, and as secretary of state).
  • Registered as a Democrat.
  • Praised Mike Bloomberg–a former Republican and gun grabber.

My God, what else does he have to do to prove he’s a Democrat at heart?

As proof of Trump’s “conservative” chops, he has (again, not a comprehensive list, because I don’t have all day to write this, and I think readers probably can come up with more than I can):

  • Advocated racist immigration policies (remember, Democrats were the racist party until the mid-60’s when Lyndon Johnson suddenly changed it around to win African-American votes).
  • Made himself popular among the so-called “alt-right” made up of KKK, neo-Nazis, and fascists. These are the same groups (John Birchers) that Buckley expelled.
  • Stood against North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory’s defense of HB2, calling the whole transgender bathroom thing a distraction and bad for business.
  • Attracted many Christians on the basis of “fear of Hillary” while remaining unaccountable to God or the Bible, unrepentant and proud of it, and boasting about his sin.
  • Lambasted big business and advocated protectionist policies–the GOP used to be the party of business.
  • Accepted and offered praise from and to Vladimir Putin, the biggest threat to America’s international interests since the Soviet Union fell.
  • Suggested that the entire election process–from primaries to general–is rigged and therefore the system is totally broken. He has weakened trust in the system of government conservatives have sworn to restore and defend.

That’s no conservative.

From the beginning, standing against Trump was seen as some kind of national betrayal, even when there were 16 candidates in the GOP race. Trump made himself into the only one who could beat Hillary Clinton, when in fact Clinton (and the Democrats) fought hard to make sure Trump was the one she ran against.

Now, when I point out that all the polls are foreshadowing a massive Trump defeat, which we predicted a year ago, they still claim I’m a traitor and I’m trying to get Hillary elected.

When the mothership arrives, I’ll be proven wrong.

I’ll requote David French from March 30, 2016:

I didn’t always believe this way about Trump. I was wrong. I’ve explained why I changed my mind and vowed #NeverTrump, and — as I said — I’ve even come to believe Trump is so bad that he’s no better than Clinton. The man is dangerous, and I believe he’ll stain for a generation any party that adopts him as its standard-bearer. Making that case helps stop him now, and — if he wins the nomination — it helps rebuild the conservative movement later.

The RNC adopted him and ensured he was nominated despite widespread doubts by clear-headed delegates.

This isn’t about stopping Hillary. I wanted to stop Hillary as much as anyone, along with all the NeverTrump crowd. But we’ve always told the truth about Trump, even when his supporters preferred to hear lies.

This is about a cult of Trump. Trumpism is a cult. Its adherents will be standing, waiting for the mothership to arrive on November 8th, and it will never come. On November 9th, many will depart, but a core group will still be waiting for the mothership, claiming the election was somehow rigged by millions of votes in a dozen states.

While they are waiting for Heaven’s Gate to open, the rest of us will be picking up the pieces, fighting Queen Hillary and attempting to rebuild a conservative movement that’s been shattered by Trump’s cult. Meanwhile, Donald Trump himself will have moved on to his next swindle, after having completed the biggest con in political history: getting his friend Hillary Clinton elected in a field filled with better candidates.


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