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Anti-Israel Incidents at Rio Olympics Par for the Course

I wrote a piece on Medium about how the Olympic games have been tied to anti-Semitism. From 1936 through 1972 and after, plenty of open space has been granted to those who hate Jews and Israel, while very little accommodation has been given to Jews or Israel themselves.

USOC chief Avery Brundage pulled the only two Jewish olympians from Jesse Owens’ winning 4×100 relay team the day of the race in 1936, so Jews would not embarrass Herr Hitler by standing on the platform when Owens won.

In 1972, while Black September (Fatah) terrorists held 7 Israeli athletes and coaches hostage, then-IOC president Brundage kept the games running for 12 hours until political pressure became too great. After the West German Polizei bungled the rescue attempt, leading to the point-blank gunning down of the hostages, followed by their incineration in a burning helicopter, Brundage barely mentioned them in his “memorial” speech the next day.

On September 6, Brundage spoke at a memorial service for the dead Israelis attended by 80,000 at the Olympic Stadium. He said very little about the murdered athletes, but went on about the problem of “professionalism” in Olympic sport and banning Rhodesia’s participation. It would be the last games for Brundage, whose rise to power was directly connected to the Nazi games in 1936.

In 1984, the plaque honoring the memory of the dead in Munich was banished from the Coliseum in Los Angeles by the IOC during the games.

The Palestinian Olympic committee has sent teams to every summer games since 1996. In 2012, the team of five athletes was given a “warm welcome” at London City Hall. No such honor was given to Israeli atheletes. In fact, the movement for “one minute of silence” honoring the slain Israelis in 1972, despite 100,000 signatures including President Obama, failed to move IOC officials to offer that one memorial.

In Rio de Janeiro, the Palestinian team is chaired by a terrorist.

Jibril Rajoub leads the Palestinian Olympic Committee. He is a terrorist. He spreads hatred, and can’t even celebrate the peace and purity of kids playing soccer. Rajoub went apoplectic in 2014 when preteen Palestinians and Israelis played in a “peace match.” “It was a disgrace to use sports for this purpose,” he said. But it’s not a disgrace to use sport to promote terror.

This man has honored murderers like Muhannad Halabi, who stabbed two Israelis to death and wounded two others in Jerusalem by naming a ping-pong tournament in his name. He also attended a boxing match honoring Ali Hassan Salameh, one of the Munich Fatah (Black September is Fatah) terrorists.

At the games, the Lebanese delegation physically blocked Israelis from sharing the same bus to the opening ceremony at Maracana stadium.

“The bus driver opened the door, but this time the head of the Lebanese delegation blocked the aisle and entrance. The organizers wanted to avoid an international and physical incident and sent us away to a different bus.”

The head of the Lebanese delegation, Saleem a-Haj Nacoula told Lebanese media that the Israelis were “looking for trouble” by insisting on boarding the same bus when they had their own transportation. Nacoula was praised in Lebanon as a hero.

Despite Israel’s protest to the IOC, nothing will be done.

One of the only women ever allowed to compete in the games by Saudi Arabia (who only let women compete starting in 2012 after the IOC threatened to disqualify their entire team) forfeited her event rather than advance because she would have to compete against an Israeli.

Joud Fahmy was supposed to have taken on Christianne Legentil from Mauritius for the right to take on Israel’s Gili Cohen in the next round.

But before the clash, Saudi officials tweeted that she had injured her arm and leg during training and that medics had told her to pull out.

Afterwards, media outlets in Israel reportedly suggested that 22-year-old Fahmy was not injured.

According to the Times of Israel, Channel 2 broadcaster said she had dropped out to avoid a fixture against an Israeli.

The press has not been reporting any of this. They have, however, made a big deal about Ibtihaj Muhammad, the first American Olympic athlete to compete while wearing a hijab. Hillary Clinton tweeted in joyous celebration.

As Cameron Gray wrote on Ricochet:

Muhammad has become a media darling because she gives the MSM an excuse to trash Donald Trump, as she says she feels unsafe as a Muslim in America. I wonder how she would feel about living in Saudi Arabia, where she most likely wouldn’t even be given the opportunity to compete in the Olympics.

Perhaps as a bone thrown to placate Jews around the world, the IOC, in exchange for all these years of insults, slights, and only-slightly-beneath-the-surface contempt, has given one concession. For the first time since 1972, the IOC allowed the moment of silence in Rio. Apparently this only happened because Thomas Bach, a German, became took over as IOC president in 2013.

A ceremony will take place at Rio’s city hall on August 14 for the Israeli 11, with Romano, Spitzer, officials from the Israeli Olympic Committee and the Israeli Consulate. And a moment of reflection for the Munich 11 will be held during the Games’ closing ceremony on August 21 as well.

We can expect certain Arab athletes to walk out during that moment, because they celebrate the deaths of Israelis and Jews, and cannot bear any memorial honoring them. The international press, and the IOC should hang their heads in shame for the last 40 years, and for allowing blatant anti-Semitism to continue.


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