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I’m Writing in Ted Cruz’s Name for President

Like many of my fellow constitutional conservatives, I oppose both Hillary Clinton and her old donor Donald Trump.  I oppose a catastrophically corrupt, race-baiting, plutocratic socialist who serially undermined American national security and lied to the faces of the families of Benghazi victims, and I also oppose a borderline-deranged, Kremlin-tainted, quasifascistic, fraudulent orange cult leader.  As between Ebola and HIV, I choose neither.  I am firmly both #NeverHillary and #NeverTrump.

In May, I posted a “#NeverTrump Cheat Sheet,” which I thought best represented the options available for those of us committed to opposing both of these Big Government jokesters.  It is time to revisit those options.

Choice 1 was #FreeTheDelegates.  Due to a combination of straight-up ignoring its own rules and an incorporation of brutally corrupt strong-arm tactics that Paul Manafort surely learned when he was consulting for his sundry Muscovite clientele, the Republican Party establishment deliberately killed this option.

Choice 2 was to follow the 1824 election year model of running multiple third-party candidates.  This was always a long-shot, and it appears it will indeed not happen.

Choice 3 was to run a single third-party conservative candidate.  With the humble and gracious David French opting not to run, it appears the window for this has closed.

Choice 4 was to vote for either the Libertarian Party or the Constitution Party; but choice 5 was to write in Ted Cruz’s name, and at the time, I noted that “[t]his may well be a superior option to voting for the feckless Libertarian or Constitution Parties.”

Since that time, the Libertarian Party has eschewed the more principled Austin Petersen for the much more unprincipled Gary Johnson; and Johnson has complemented his largely un-libertarian, “liberstablishmentarian” candidacy by naming a quintessentially un-libertarian, “liberstablishmentarian” running mate of noted Boston Brahmin William Weld.  Last month, I offered at least four reasons why I do not think this Libertarian Party ticket deserves our support: (1) Johnson’s foreign policy lies somewhere between clueless and terrifying; (2) Johnson and Weld are better viewed not as principled libertarians whom conservative constitutionalists could meet halfway, but as merely run-of-the-mill RINOs; (3) the right to life issue; and (4) complete tone-deafness on illegal immigration.

So I will not be voting for Gary Johnson, even though I readily conceded that Johnson, “like most people I bump into at the local grocery store—and probably also like that proverbial flaming bag of dog feces—indeed almost certainly represents a superior vote to either of the brutally corrupt, positively immoral jokesters that the two major political parties are set to nominate.”

That goes for Darrell Castle, the Constitution Party candidate, as well.  But the Constitution Party’s platform is frankly worse than either Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders on economic protectionism and retrograde mercantilism, and Castle’s foreign policy isolationism would make Code Pink Trump blush.  And perhaps to put it most bluntly, voting for a truly obscure near-septuagenarian with barely over 600 current Twitter followers is about as uninspiring a prospect as having to once again suffer through General Mike Flynn’s absolute snoozer of a convention speech last night.

So I will be writing in Ted Cruz’s name.  I campaigned hard for Cruz from Iowa through Indiana, and I believe he is a good man.  His brand of ardently pro-Constitution, pro-free market, Leviathan-slashing, civil society-empowering, pro-sovereignty, pro-Israel politics is what perfectly comports with my own.  With the present Republican Party apparatus apparently hellbent on mass suicide at the hands of its narcissistic, Mussolini-retweeting cult leader, I will gladly write in the name of a true constitutionalist on the ballot’s presidential line in November.

Perhaps it is also worth briefly revisiting the three options I had listed below the option of writing in Cruz’s name.

Choice 6 was to stay home; but this is not a good option, and I would strongly encourage anti-Trump conservatives to still turn out at the ballot box.  With an impending Hillary Clinton presidency, it is imperative that Republicans maintain as much congressional power as is possible under the current circumstances.

Choice 7 was to take cyanide.  I’ll pass.

Choice 8 was to affirmatively vote for Hillary Clinton.  No chance in hell.

After this presidential primary season, Ted Cruz is, undisputedly, the current leader of the conservative movement in America.  I eagerly anticipate his convention speech tomorrow night.  And this November, along with many other members of the Resistance, I look forward to writing in his name for President of the United States.


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