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Trump is Perpetrating a Fraud on the American People and Only #FreeTheDelegates Might Save Us

Let’s define “fraud,” shall we?Fraud: the intentional use of deceit, a trick, or some dishonest means to deprive another of his/her/its money, property or a legal right.

By Josh Hammer

Let’s talk a bit about the bloviating, catastrophically unfit for office, stubby-fingered, 9/11 Trutherism- and JFK assassination conspiracy-peddling, Planned Parenthood-apologizing, gun-grabbing, “Two Corinthians”-misquoting, “I watched Paris Hilton’s sex tape with Melania“-cavorting, blatantly racistorange cultic overlord the Party of Lincoln still appears set to formally nominate next month in Cleveland.  As the last 24 hours news cycle has only confirmed, Donald Trump’s entire campaign, from start to finish, has been a fraud perpetrated upon the American people.

I remember during the primary when Scott Pelley of 60 Minutes toured Trump’s Midtown Manhattan campaign headquarters and acted surprised at how the famously stingy Trump employed such a lean campaign staff.  Well, it appears nothing has changed.  At all.  Seriously, the unfathomably atrocious numbers speak for themselves about what kind of hollowed out, virtually nonexistent campaign this guy is purporting to run.

Donald Trump’s campaign paid $423,371 in May for the use of Trump’s own house, the Mar-A-Lago Club LLC.
— Christina Wilkie (@christinawilkie) June 21, 2016

Trump’s campaign has $1.3 million on hand and is $45.7 million in debt

— Jon Green (@_Jon_Green) June 21, 2016

Let’s briefly walk though the elements of “fraud,” from the definition above.

“Intent” is obvious: the orange-hued clown’s goal all along has been to vanquish his primary opponents and swindle his way to the Republican Party’s presidential nomination, and subsequently, to the White House.

“Deceit,” “trick,” or “some dishonest means”: well, how about the fact that Trump has absolutely no clue what he is talking about when it comes to literally any policy or legal point of relative import, serially lies to the American people about his wealth (where are those tax returns, Donald?) and his ability to hire only the “best” people (but what about Corey Lewandowski, Donald?), who full-on demagogues about our trade deficit “problems,” our bankrupting entitlement programs, and our national debt alike, and has ostensibly based his campaign’s signature campaign promise—to build the wall and have Mexico pay for it—around a two-page memo that is so utterly vapid and substantively toothless that any competent middle school government student could tear it apart?

Regarding the final element of “depriv[ation]” of someone else’s “money, property, or a legal right”: money speaks for itself (or maybe it doesn’t, because the numbers show so few people who have actually fallen for this sucker’s trap and donated to him?), and the “legal right” being deprived amounts to nothing less than our solemn natural right to live in constitutional self-governance without the potentially existential looming threat of a brutally uninformed would-be fascistdestroying the American experiment, limb by limb.  The “legal right” is nothing less than the very Lockean social contract upon which Jefferson reflected in his 1776 penned Declaration, and upon which the Constitution’s Framers subsequently based their charter of self-governance.  The orange man, indeed, is the very demagogue they feared.

Donald Trump’s campaign is a fraud perpetrated upon the American people.  Just like Trump University itself, another fraud that Trump seeks to evade talking about by means of ad hominem racist vitriol spewed at the Indiana-born “Mexican” judge presiding over his suit, the vulgarian is committing high deceit upon his clientele.  Except here, the clientele is the American people at large, and what we risk being deprived of is the highest “legal right” of all: our sovereignty as inheritors of the grand American experiment.

If the Republican Party wants to avoid this absolute train wreck, to potentially salvage its Senate—and, yes, also House—majorities, to save the Supreme Court from Leftist constitutional evisceration for a generation, to prevent itself from going the way of the Whig Party in the 1850s, and, indeed, to save the republic from facing the worst presidential choice in its storied history, there is only one course of action left that might mitigate the damage.  #FreeTheDelegates and rid us of this tawdry monstrosity.


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