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[email protected] Yiannopoulos Outed Twitter and Has a Death Wish

I am no fan of bottom-feeding Milo Yiannopoulos, the darling of Drudge and newly-minted “senior editor” with Trumpbart. But he, like the GOP presumptive nominee whom he calls “daddy,” is very effective at smoking out the left where they live.

In this case, @nero (his Twitter handle) penned an article so offensive to the leftists who populate the Twitter Trust & Safety Council that they suspended him completely.

Yiannopoulos is extravagantly, fabulously, and preeningly gay. His latest speaking tour is labeled “The Dangerous Faggot Tour.” I am not sure if anyone could be as offensive to everyone since Andrew Dice Clay was popular, or Monty Python in their heyday.

That being said, it was wrong of Twitter to suspend him. It was complete, absolute viewpoint discrimination on its face. Yiannopoulos said nothing more than what he’s been spouting for months, and in fact echoed the reporting and opinion of many conservative websites.

I can’t say “to their credit,” but recognizing their rank hypocrisy and blatant insanity, Twitter reinstated @nero Wednesday. But not to be outdone, Yiannopoulos is pushing the limits to the point where I have to question if he truly has a death wish. I think he has a suicide-by-liberal fetish, to gore the left’s sacred oxen so badly that some idiot tries to assasinate him.

The University of Central Florida seems to agree with me. They cancelled a hastily-added speaking engagement Tuesday, citing “online security threats made against Milo,” adding that the environment “rendered it impossible to regulate” his security.

Not to be silenced, and happening to be in the Central Florida area, Yiannopoulos is giving a public press conference today at 2 p.m. at “ground zero,” meaning a few blocks away from the Pulse night club.

Milo will give the short talk “Absolutely Haram: Islam versus Gays”, which was scheduled to be delivered at the University of Central Florida this week before UCF PD cancelled his event, stating they could not guarantee his safety.

He will discuss his suspension this morning on Twitter following his criticism of Islam.

Yiannopoulos will address the cancellation of his college speaking event as well as UCF administrators’ decision to cancel his scheduled press conference tomorrow by claiming that “no space was available” for him to talk to students and the media.

I am sure the Orlando police are simply delighted that @nero chose this particular day and location to be the site of his public suicide pact. Did I mention I think it’s a dangerous and stupid gesture, that helps nobody?

The Breitbart team will be accompanied by private security, for the safety of media and the attending public. All are welcome to join. The event will begin promptly at 2pm EDT.

I also can’t believe that Breitbart is footing the bill for private security. They’ve truly lost their minds.


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