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I Am A ‘Cuckservative’

I know, this is red meat for the Twitter trolls. From their basements we’ll hear the same line Rocket yelled when Drax threw him a machine gun. “Ohhhhh, yeah!” But I’m actually being serious.

By Steve Berman

Last July, Erick has described the term “cuckservative” as a racist slur, and it is.

The people who use the term “cuckservative” are racists, not conservative, and not Christian. They may claim to be Christian, but I have a hard time thinking anyone who sees the world in terms of skin color, instead of souls to be saved, is really meaningfully a Christian. Considering they routinely attack evangelical Christians for adopting outside their race or, you know, providing comfort to the children of illegal aliens who’ve been dropped off at the American border bewildered and abused, they sure are not acting on the faith they claim.

But Erick also wrote that the term is “a passing fad of probably less than 100 people who, between them, share a few hundred lightly followed twitter accounts.” This thing is a kidney stone, and it hasn’t passed but only grown more painful.

Instead of fighting the term (which is stupid because the people using it use it because we fight it, like a schoolyard bully using bad nickname that sticks), or ignoring it (which just makes it more acceptable), I think I’ll embrace it and give it the definition I want.

The original term is based on the word “cuckold” which means the husband of an adulteress, but implying a willing one, who even enjoys the extramarital relationship. The alt-right defines “cuckservative” as someone who doesn’t buy into their white nationalist, nativist dreams. I will offer an alternative definition: a husband whose wife has been taken by another man, either by seduction or against her will.

In that, as a registered Republican, I am a cuckservative, because our movement and the GOP fell for a roofie-dealing date-rapist named Donald Trump, whose positions are about as conservative as Ted Kennedy. Trump has said more good things about Barack Obama before starting his campaign than he ever said about conservatives.

Trump said in 1990 that he’d do better as a Democrat than a Republican, because back then the “working man” was a Democrat. Now we’ve got the alt-right. And by their definition, I’m a cuckservative, and rather proud of it.

A few illustrations.

I favor legal immigration. America is a country of immigrants, and everyone can concede that point except for people who hold to a warped version of “manifest destiny” but not in the Jacksonian sense. Trump himself favors immigration when it helps his business, but almost everything he says publicly is a dog-whistle to the white nationalists who think Mexicans are somehow less valuable than Americans because of national origin or skin color.

I am Jewish by heritage but a Christ-follower because I chose to be. This drives the anti-Semites crazy because they hate Jews regardless of whether their souls are saved or not. I stand by Israel because I believe it serves a divine purpose in fulfilling God’s plan and prophetic words. I don’t believe in a worldwide Jewish conspiracy, because I believe Jews benefit from a God-conspiracy of three: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. There’s a reason Jews have won a statistically impossible number of Nobel Prizes in a variety of fields.

And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.

(John 1:5)

I believe that skin color is less than 1 millimeter deep and that other genetic variations in human appearance only give glory to God in His creative ability to make beauty. I believe that mixed race children of all ethnicities are beautiful. Some of the cutest babies I’ve ever seen are the product of parents of different skin colors or ethnic origins. I also believe that Asians do better at school because their parents raise them to value education and not to crave entitlements.

I believe that both black and white supremacists in the U.S. are evil power-craving self-aggrandizers who wish to control others for their own gain.

I believe that God can save the soul of a Muslim and wishes to do so just as fervently as the man who attends the Baptist church weekly after drinking a sixpack and watching porn Saturday night. I believe that God is moving mightily in Muslim countries and we should not fear that. I believe that all human life is precious: white, brown, black, yellow, red-skin notwithstanding.

I believe that extreme globalism and nationalism are just two sides of the same coin, with liberty on the other side. I do not wish to be subject to the whims of global leaders who decide where the fruit of my labor goes, and I do not wish to be under the boot of ultra-nationalists who decide who has opportunity to rise in America and who does not.

I believe that global trade is the best path to peace and stability in the world, and that there’s no “zero sum game” for trade. Other countries may manipulate their economies (and we don’t?) or operate in an “unfair” manner to America, but since we know that, we can (and have for the last 100 years) deploy our capital accordingly.

I believe that America is a force for good, because America has been a good and moral actor on the world’s stage, deploying its might to liberate others without imposing the collector’s fee or hauling away the spoils of war. There’s a reason the Soviet Union, which in 1944 would have beaten Germany even if the western allies had never landed in Normandy, finally ran down in the early 1990’s. Might makes right but only for a limited time, and slaughtering your own citizens doesn’t spur innovation.

I believe that America should continue to be a force for good—neither aggressively exporting our form of government nor ever shrinking from the cause of liberty. I disagreed with George W. Bush’s strategic policies of nation-building, but once committed, disagreed with Obama’s wholesale abandonment of that policy mid-stream. Because letting people kill each other after promising stability is not the right thing to do. Abandoning South Korea if they don’t pay America a ransom is also not the right thing to do.

I believe taxes will never go away, laws exist to preserve order and protect freedom (not tell us how to live), the innocent, children, war veterans and the truly destitute should benefit from our government’s treasure chest, and idiots who spew poisonous racial, religious or political ideas have the perfect right to do that. And I have the perfect right to invoke the name of Jesus Christ in the public square, at government meetings, or in the military.

That makes me a proud, unflinching cuckservative. I hope that fellow cucks like me will join together and make this country great again (for real this time) by throwing off the rapists and bullies who have (for now) violated her.


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