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Hillary Is Trying to Lose This Election

Hillary Clinton is still punching Bernie Sanders, and giving speeches to the Trayvon Martin Foundation on more gun restrictions just as the latest polls show Donald Trump pulling ever slightly ahead of her. I have to ask the question: Is Hillary actually trying to lose?

Could she possibly be more inept? Is she really picking the worst possible issues to bolster her campaign, at the worst possible time? She should be acting like the presumptive nominee of the Democratic Party, setting up her attack for November. She was so far ahead in the polls that every Republican pundit (Trump Train passengers aside) all but ceded the race to her should Trump become the nominee.

Always the skeptic of pundit predictions on Trump (not to blow my own horn, but to illuminate my thinking), I wrote at the end of February that this scenario could happen.

All the pundits assumed various reasons, like conservative anger at Washington D.C. and the Tea Party’s destruction of Eric Cantor and John Boehner. But those things in themselves don’t explain Trump’s ascendancy and persistence. It’s Trump’s ability to become a chameleon and take on issues that make him the center of discussion, always in a polarizing light, that best explain his hold.

And that’s how he plans to win the White House.

But Hillary can’t seem to get rid of the gadfly Sanders, while Trump got both Cruz and Kasich to drop out weeks ago. She relegated her economic policy to husband Bill, giving Trump more fodder to hit on his core issues.

Then she spoke on, of all things, gun control, an issue on which she is running to the left of Bernie Sanders, a socialist. Hillary is enclosing herself in an Iron Maiden, between the spikes of Sanders and the closing door of Trump. How stupid.

Gallup shows that, even after nearly eight years of President Obama’s constant carping on guns as the ultimate American evil, about the same percentage of people want stricter gun control laws as in 2004. That number is far less than the 78 percent in 1990, before President Bill Clinton brought us the so-called “assault weapon” ban.


Donald Trump’s gun policies are “not just way out there” but “dangerous” and would make America less safe, Hillary Clinton said Saturday.

“This is someone running to be president of the United States of America — a country facing a gun violence epidemic — and he’s talking about more guns in our schools, he’s talking about more hatred and division in our streets,” the likely Democratic presidential nominee said of her presumptive Republican rival. “That’s no way to keep us safe.”

(Source: Fox News)

Meanwhile, Trump spoke to the NRA and won their key endorsement.

Clinton is running against popular opinion on guns. If there’s any issue that could put Trump in the White House, it’s the Second Amendment.

As much as everyone thought there’s no way Trump could ever surmount Clinton’s lead with women and minorities; as much as everyone thought that Trump could never consolidate support among a fractured Republican Party, it seems everyone might be wrong.

Everyone is wrong because Hillary is really acting as politically dumb, disconnected, and tone deaf as we suspected she is, and she is trying very hard to lose this election. Honestly, I’m very happy about that. I don’t want Clinton in the White House. But at the same time, I am also very sad, because I know what we’ll end up with.


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