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I Think We’re Screwed

The conservative GOP is routed. Its troops are scattered and leaderless, and in full retreat. It’s every man for himself. Reince Priebus has kissed the ring of Donald Trump, and the RNC is now at Trump’s beck and call.

The #NeverTrump clan is stunned and shellshocked. Many are wavering as the media, Trump supporters (some are one in the same), and party apparatchiks assume we were bluffing.

I actually heard callers into Bryan Fischer’s radio show on American Family Radio praising Trump. Fischer held a no-arguments, Trump-a-thon Thursday for evangelical supporters of the dilettante to call in and explain what they love about Donald. And they called, one after another, praising Jesus and telling how they’ve prayed.

This is the choice we all face. It’s a bad outcome either way, all the way down. Each of us who calls him or herself a conservative must look inside and make a personal choice: Support the presumptive nominee, or not. It really is a binary choice.

Either way, I really think we’re screwed.

I’m thinking of that scene in one of my favorite aviation movies, Always, where Richard Dreyfuss is flying an air attack firefighting tanker with a burning engine. He looks out the window at the fire about to hit the fuel tanks and says “I think I’m screwed.” Then John Goodman flies overhead and dumps a load of retardant on him. He forms up with Goodman, smiles, points at the engine where a tree branch is still burning, and promptly explodes in a fireball.

All is not okay. We’re not going to come out of this doing well.

Hillary Clinton will try to appoint the most liberal, anti-originalist Supreme Court justice she can find. But a GOP-controlled Congress could oppose her. Trump practically guarantees that won’t happen.

So either we’ll have President Trump with a weak Republican majority in the House and the smallest possible majority in the Senate, or even a Democratic-controlled Senate, or we’ll have President Hillary Clinton with the same scenario. As Hillary exclaimed, “what difference, at this point, does it make?”

We will end up with a rather liberal justice to replace Scalia. There’s no way Trump could get a conservative nominee through, and there’ll be nobody to stop Clinton if she picks anyone qualified for the job.

Abortion will be a back-burner issue for Trump, who at best will leave things as-is. Clinton will roll out the red carpet for Planned Parenthood. But it’s guaranteed the pro-life lobby will have no ear with either candidate.

Big money from the left will dominate commerce in both a Clinton or Trump administration. Trump said he’ll repeal Obamacare, but he’ll replace it with Trumpcare, which could actually be worse. He may not even get Obamacare repealed–he’ll just make deals to change a few things and put his name on it.

Neither Trump nor Hillary will be particularly friendly with Israel. On trade, both Trump and Clinton will bring disaster. Protective tariffs will cause massive inflation, then global recession. If Trump gets any of his first-round cabinet nominations through unscathed it will be a miracle.

So, what do to? The general election comes down to Hillary vs. Friend of Hillary.

To me, it’s a very simple decision. Hillary is what she appears to be: A lifelong, committed liberal Democrat. Trump is Philippe Pétain, Vidkun Quisling, and Viktor Yanukovych rolled into one. He’s a self-important, double-dealing pretender who hasn’t a conservative strand of DNA in his genetic makeup. And I’m increasingly convinced that Trump is actually evil.

e·vil /ēvəl/: profoundly immoral and malevolent.

It’s one thing to oppose evil out there–beyond your own front door. It’s quite another to welcome evil into your home and sit down for dinner with it.

I will never support Donald Trump, and I will never support Hillary Clinton. But the country, and each conservative voter, will have to make up his or her own mind.

And because those are the choices, I think we’re screwed.


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