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Cruz vs. Big Media Guarantees He Will Beat Hillary

Trump understands the same truth about the media that Limbaugh knows. There is no such thing as bad publicity, so long as you control the message. And the media allows it–for now.

Let’s get real. The media is doing a full-on Ouroboros for Donald Trump. They don’t care about America, or our political future, only their own paychecks.

CBS chief Leslie Moonves even said it with his outside voice. “It may not be good for America, but it’s damn good for CBS.”

Nominating Ted Cruz is almost a guaranteed win for Republicans. You see, it’s Cruz vs. Big Media, and Big Media is on Trump’s side right now. If Cruz wins, he will have already beaten Hillary Clinton’s biggest ally, who will turn on Trump like a pack of ravenous wolves.

Cruz could spend a billion dollars on advertising, and he’d still be “desperate.” They live cover Trump rallies with no cutaways, but Cruz gets a sound bite. They let Trump call in to interviews, while Cruz has to show up. When Cruz can’t make it (because he doesn’t fly home to his New York penthouse every night), the media cries fair play.

Meanwhile Donald Trump has gotten at least $2 billion (as of March 15) in free media. They hang on his every word.

It is not just the wall-to-wall coverage of Trump. It’s the openness with which some are reveling in his attention. It’s the effort, conscious or not, to domesticate and pretty him up, to make him appear less offensive than he really is, and to practice a false objectivity or equivalence in the coverage. Here, journalism across all platforms—corporate, as well as publicly funded—is guilty.

They’re hypocrites of the highest order. The same mainstream media who took Rush Limbaugh to task (Rush has been pilloried by both the pro-Trump and #NeverTrump supporters, meaning that he has been eminently fair) for saying the truth in 2009 about Obama: “I hope he fails,” treats similar statements about Trump with derision.

But Trump understands the same truth about the media that Limbaugh knows. There is no such thing as bad publicity, so long as you control the message. Trump doesn’t care that people protest him, or that National Review devoted an entire print issue to “Against Trump.” He doesn’t care because free media is free media and it just keeps piling up. Trump controls the message because the media allows it–for now.

Cruz can’t break the stranglehold the media has on him. I think were he to commit Seppuku on stage in front of ten thousand people, the media would lead with Trump’s reaction. But when ousted Speaker John Boehner calls Cruz “Lucifer in the flesh,” CBS News puts it front and center.


One would begin to think that the media itself is against Cruz and for Trump, if one didn’t know otherwise. (That was sarcasm, in case you missed it.)

When Cruz named Carly Fiorina as his VP pick, he had precedent for doing so. Ronald Reagan named Sen. Richard Schweiker as his running mate headed into an uncertain GOP 1976 convention. Reagan did it to win over delegates (which backfired), while Cruz is doing it to break the media’s headlock on non-Trump stories.

From Leon Wolf:

[Cruz] understands that the media has a vested interest in making it seem like Trump’s Tuesday was a Really Big Deal and that the race is all but over. They have a pecuniary interest in doing so because if Trump wins, that will be a ratings bonanza for them that will last for the next six months. They also have an professional interest in doing so, because the news media never does itself a favor by calling any given story “no big deal.”

Instead, we get a litany of pundits saying that Cruz’s announcement was “desperation.” (Just Google “Cruz desperation” for yourself.) If the media were in the least bit–the tiniest smigeon–working as the Fourth Estate, doing “journalism,” they’d have long ago exposed Trump for what he is. I won’t rehash any of that, because it’s so obvious, even ubiquitously known what Trump is, and the man revels unashamedly in his chicanery.

If Cruz wins, and I really do hope he wins, it will be a victory of American patriots over the money-grubbing sewer rats that populate much of the media and their temporary puppet-master Donald Trump. That same media will miraculously come to its senses and suddenly represent the best interests of America once the conventions are over.

Should Trump be the nominee, they’ll gleefully eviscerate the man and turn Hillary into Mother Teresa. The best possible thing Republicans could do is nominate Ted Cruz, because once he’s beaten Donald Trump, he’s already beaten Big Media. And with Big Media defeated, Hillary cannot possibly win.


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