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When Gaymail Goes Wrong

You’ve seen it happen over and over. A lesbian waitress claims she got no tip and a note on the check. A gay pizza cook claimed haters carved “die fag” into his arm. And now a gay pastor claims Whole Foods sold him a cake inscribed with the word “fag” beneath the decoration he ordered: “love wins.”

You probably know what all these have in common: They are all hoaxes.

Some hoaxes work better than others. Some are still working–I’ll get to that after dealing with the idiot of the day. This particular hoax, with the cake and the pastor, is about as ill-conceived as saying the #BlackLivesMatter T-shirt you ordered from the BLCK Store catalog came with the N-word emblazoned across the back.

Say what you want about Whole Foods, but you can’t call them conservative. Corporate rating website 2ndVote gives the company a 2.8 rating–neutral on environment, 2nd Amendment, pro-life, corporate welfare issues. But they are not neutral in LGBT and gay marriage issues–they support the NYC Gay Pride and SF Pride Parade.

Add to that the almost overwhelming physical evidence that this is a hoax and you can see that the perpetrator must not have thought this plan through very well.

That’s right, Whole Foods published a statement saying “We stand behind out baker team member, who is part of the LGBTQ community, and the additional team members from the store, who confirmed the cake was decorated with only the message ‘Love Wins.'”

“No team members, including the cashier who rang the guest up, saw this word on the cake,” the statement concluded. Yeah, and the box had a nice big transparent plastic top so you could clearly see what’s inside. Oops.

The granddaddy of all gaymail hoaxes, which sadly left a young man dead and two men serving multiple life sentences, is still cited and believed. The grisly 1998 murder of Matthew Shepard, the 21-year-old University of Wyoming student who just happened to be gay, has been thrown up for 18 years as the prototypical example of LGBT hate crime.

But it was not a hate crime at all. In fact, his killers, Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson, were not charged with a hate crime. In 2009, President Obama signed the Matthew Shepard Act making it a federal hate crime–and giving the FBI investigatory authority over–anything that causes bodily injury, or attempts to do so, “because of the actual or perceived religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability of any person, and the crime affected interstate or foreign commerce, or occurred on federal property.”

It’s not hard to stretch the commerce argument into a giant tent. If you flip off a person on the interstate and they are gay and feel threatened, they can run to the FBI with your license plate. Try it and see what happens (I wouldn’t recommend it even if you have a great lawyer). The Shepard case is the greatest example of gaymail in America.

Investigative journalist Stephen Jiminez spent years digging up the facts.

“Shepard’s sexual preference … certainly wasn’t the motive in the homicide,” Jimenez quotes police investigator Ben Fritzen as saying. “What it came down to really is drugs and money.” A number of other sources close to the story and the protagonists confirmed much the same thing.

As Jimenez reconstructs it, McKinney was coming down from a week-long meth binge and desperate to cover his mounting debts. He believed, rightly or wrongly, that Shepard could lead him to a delivery of about $10,000 worth of meth coming in from Denver, which he intended to steal. McKinney’s plan was to beat the information out of Shepard, but the beating, fueled by severe drug-induced paranoia, ran quickly out of control.

So Jiminez must be some anti-gay hater, a conservative who seeks to make LGBT’s go back into the closet, right?

Jimenez’s findings have sparked outrage from gay rights groups who see his book as an act of betrayal (Jimenez is himself gay). The Matthew Shepard Foundation has accused him of succumbing to “factual errors, rumors and innuendo” to build a sensationalist conspiracy theory and drag Shepard’s name through the mud.

Jiminez is gay. Oops.

Other than being drug-dealing murderers, to the LGBT community, which thrives on gaymail (the Guardian calls it the “gay grievance industry”), Henderson and McKinney’s real crime is not being gay. If they were, you wouldn’t be seeing this case plastered all over the media and lawmakers for the past 18 years. It’s the same mentality that pervades the BLM movement, where there’s no such thing as black-on-black crime.

From meth to cakes, gaymail is now part of American culture just like the permanent victim status of race identity charlatans who prey on the black community. It’s just that some of the hoaxes are believed even 18 years later.


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