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At Three Months

I figured I would give the readers an update on where The Resurgent stands after three months. On January 4th, we flipped on the switch here and it has been going full steam ever since.


We started off the site with an average readership that held steady around 50,000 a day in terms of page views. Three months later our page views exceed 110,000 a week day and over 53,000 on the weekend.

Our mentions on social media and in the press continue to go up, though I’m still regularly referred to as the Editor of RedState. That is going to take time to change.

On social media, our Resurgent twitter account has grown pretty pretty steadily. We are now just under 10,000 Twitter followers and have had 8,375 people like our Facebook page. Our “post reach” on Facebook averages 143,479 right now.


Since I embedded my radio show in the site and also have been pushing out clips on social media, the listenership has gone up to my radio show both in daily live listens on radio and online listenership. Likewise, the podcast listens have gone up more than seven fold.

My call screener has also noticed an uptick in people calling into the show live thinking I have a national show when it is really only in Atlanta.


This is what I am most proud of. After launching the site, I purchased a activism package to make it easy for readers and listeners to reach out to their elected officials. The activity has been impressive.

Resurgent readers and listeners generated 158,229 emails to elected officials; 503 phone calls; 2,152 tweets; 1,988 Facebook posts on elected officials’ Facebook pages; and had 2,332 interactions with others on Twitter growing the presence of the site and increasing the voice of the readers. Nationally, resurgent conservatives pressured Republicans in the Senate to hold the line against Barack Obama on the Supreme Court and encouraged Scott Walker to endorse Ted Cruz. In Georgia, resurgent conservatives pressured the legislature to pass religious liberty legislation successfully, pass campus carry legislation successfully, and reform beer laws in Georgia successfully. In fact, all but one legislative issue in Georgia failed and even though Governor Deal vetoed RFRA, readers of this site kept enough pressure on the legislature to get it passed through the General Assembly for the first time ever. We’ve barely scratched the surface nationally, nor have we yet to target the media with the activism system.

This is just the beginning.


With the exception of two weeks, we have had sponsorships every week on this site. Our advertising model is very unique among conservative websites and, frankly, may come to an end as I’m struggling to fill sponsorships going forward. But it has been so different I’m actually getting attacked for it. We had a political organization sponsor the site one week and, despite its ads showing up for an entire week and me writing about it twice, I’m getting attacked for taking undisclosed money. It was a freaking advertiser.

But I have to try to work on that area to beef up sponsorships. What I do know is that it works. Several of the advertisers tell me they saw an uptick in donations, sign ups, and volunteers through their sponsoring the Resurgent. That makes me hopeful we will be able to keep this going a while, particularly as my radio presence keeps growing.


We are still kicking the tires around here. I have some additional things I want to incorporate into the site and incentivize new front page writers. Right now, none of us are getting paid. I have one person on payroll managing marketing and daily operations and the rest is going to cover costs, from the AP image account to the Soundcloud account to the activism package, etc.

All in all, I am very pleased and hope to keep growing the site over time. There is a lot of potential here. As always, we take contributions to help offset the costs of running the site. If you want to contribute, go here. If you are interested in sponsoring The Resurgent, please go here.


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