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Having Trump’s Cake And Eating It Too

After all this yammering about how Trump is the will of the people, and how the party establishment is rigging the convention, etc., Trump wants to have his cake and eat it too.

He’s worried that the fully mobilized effort to stop him from getting 1,237 delegates, an effort led by 75 percent of Republican voters–actual voters who cast ballots, not mindless votebots–will in fact work. Trump is worried that he will get to the convention in Cleveland, and by the rules of the party he pretends to want to lead (in reality he’s building his own party and hijacking the GOP to do it), he will not win the nomination.

Look at this email I received from Trump’s campaign in Georgia.


The letter goes on detailing how to show up at the convention and get nominated. But in Georgia, Trump is a month late and $15 short in the larger counties because the precinct caucuses were held in February. I was at mine, after receiving a phone call and emails from the Cruz campaign reminding me of where and when it was.

I am registered as a delegate. The only way for Trump supporters to become delegates in the larger counties (over 80,000 residents, which means most of the state’s population) is for them to show up as a guest, and for a delegate to nominate them.

3. After the County Convention begins, we need you to ask a delegate to nominate yourself to serve as a Delegate to the District Convention in April AND the State Convention in June. If you are unsuccessful in being selected to represent your county at the District and State Conventions, we urge you to then ask a delegate to nominate yourself as an Alternate Delegate to the District and State Conventions.

Like hell I will nominate any Trump supporters.

There were few, if any, Trump supporters at my precinct meeting, and now, when the process is moving along, a few days before the county delegate nominations, Trump is playing catch-up because he’s worried he won’t have enough supporters in Cleveland to take the nomination after the first ballot.

For a campaign that’s so confident of total victory, I sense the smell of fear.

And that “media report” Trump’s email cited? It’s the New York Times detailing existing convention rules, not some “plot” to change them. There’s no way the party is going to change 150 years of delegate election protocols to anoint Der ApfelstrudelFuhrer as the nominee.


Trump is afraid he won’t win on the first ballot. In fact, Trump will have to go into the convention with nearly 1,300 delegates to ensure he wins on the first ballot if the delegate count is contested. That almost never happens if one candidate has 1,237 or more–usually it’s done by acclamation, but it probably will happen this year if it’s close.

Trump will burn down the GOP either way. He’ll try to get enough delegates on the floor to make an enormous stink, and if he wins, he’ll burn down the GOP by veering left, then still losing to Hillary Clinton by a landslide. If he loses, he’ll burn down the GOP by claiming betrayal and intrigue.

Trump wants to have his cake and eat it too.

The only way to avoid complete disaster is to stop Trump, win the White House with Ted Cruz, and put things back in order. We should spare no effort to do so.


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