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Barack Obama and Donald Trump Collide in Chicago

It was President Obama who urged his supporters to take guns to knife fights, get in neighbors’ faces, and not help “enemies,” who were defined as political opponents.

Donald Trump has mocked protestors at his rallies encouraging his partisans to punch the protestors, see to it that the protestors were carried out on stretchers, and offered to legal fees of supporters who did get violent.

Barack Obama got his start in the living room of Bill Ayers, a domestic terrorist who plotted to kill police and Donald Trump retweets white supremacists, quotes Mussolini, and talks up strong men while refusing to denounce the KKK and conveniently forgetting who David Duke is.

Barack Obama and Donald Trump’s worlds collided in Chicago tonight. Trump, scheduled to speak, saw protestors invade his crowd, things turned violent, riots broke out, and Bill Ayers showed up.

There are no clean hands here. The protestors should have allowed Mr. Trump to proceed uninterrupted and unimpeded. Mr. Trump should not be encouraging his supporters to beat up protestors. There are no clean hands here.

These violent situations do not happen at the rallies of Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio or John Kasich or Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. This is a Trump phenomenon that he emboldens, enables, and feeds off of. The media exposure of Trump likewise encourages protestors to show up and be disruptive knowing that they will get their fifteen minutes of fame and media coverage for their cause.

The relationship is symbiotic and destructive.

Barack Obama has pitted class against class, race against race, and victim against victim. He has contributed to the incivility in Washington and the nation. Young black men are victims of a corrupt system, rich people are getting rich because they are keeping poor people poor, and meanwhile the First Family jets off to exotic locations for expensive excursions and blue collar works stand on an unemployment line.

Along comes Trump and tells those blue collar workers that they are the victims. Trump pits Wall Street against Main Street, rich against poor, insiders against outsiders, and race against race — doing the same as the President, but just with different victims this time.

The media give both a pass, or at least they will keep giving Trump a pass until he is the Republican nominee.

Both President Obama and Donald Trump have called Americans to answer to their lesser angels and lesser selves. They have turned rhetoric and national views tribal, pitting one group against another.

We used to all be Americans, but Barack Obama and now Donald Trump prefer to classify us as either victims or victimizers depending on who we are.

There are no clean hands in Chicago. The worst of both sides of American politics collided and neither side has any interest or even the willingness or ability to unite the nation. They all just want to profit from it in various ways.


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