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Kasich Flip-Flops on Religious Liberty

by Bill Blankschaen Read Profile arrow_right_alt

During the February 25 GOP debate, Governor Kasich made an alarming statement on religious liberty.

He encouraged Americans to put commerce over conscience and to engage in what they believe to be sinful for the sake of the “greater good.” His “conservative” position left much to be desired.

In a recent blog post I took him to task for his attack on religious liberty.

Kasick reversed his position in the March 3 Fox News debate.

Essentially, he took the position I laid out in that post, that the problem was not Christians needing to get over their conscience and bake cakes.

I asked why he wasn’t asking the ultra-minority to visit another florist, buy their cake somewhere else, or purchase their abortion-inducing drugs at another pharmacy?

Well it looks like the governor has changed his tune in favor of conservative evangelicals– or has he?

In the latest debate he was asked again to clarify his position. His answer:

Here in the commerce business, you want to sell somebody a cupcake great, okay? But now if they ask you to participate in something you really don’t like, that’s a whole other issue. What I hoped would happen after the Supreme Court ruling is that things would settle down. If you go to a photographer to take pictures at your wedding and he says I’d rather not do it, find another photographer. Don’t sue them in court.

I commend Kasich on his reversal–as far as he goes.

However, he should have known better the first time around on such a critical issue.

The fact that his first impulse was to toss people of faith under the bus should warn Ohio voters that the governor is not a reliable choice to defend our freedom of conscience.

I will give him credit for admitting his error. But forcing people to participate in something they “really don’t like” was the whole issue all along.

That still leaves us with the problem: Kasich thinks everyone wants to get along. Or at least he acts like it. Like John McCain before him, he thinks compromise is the answer.

His assumption that “things would settle down” after Anthony Kennedy and friends abolished marriage with tyrannical love poetry is dangerously naive at best. No one who seriously followed this issue thought things would settle down.

The Left will not let this issue go away.  They won’t settle for playing nice. They intend to run all God’s children off the playground.

They want the veneer of normalcy and will not rest until they get it.

Marriage equality–misnomer that it is–is not the end game. The complete destruction of marriage and the family is. We document it all in You Will Be Made to Care and explain why this conflict is not just going to go away anytime soon.

To all my friends from my former home state of Ohio: if you care about religious liberty, there is one clear choice on March 15.

You can vote for someone you know will defend your freedom of conscience—Ted Cruz.

He has a proven record of defending religious liberty and he will never need to reverse an attack on religious liberty. Check out his new religious liberty advisory council.

He also has a realistic chance of winning the Republican nomination, unlike Kasich. Cruz was within 10 in the last Quinnipiac poll–before the last two devastating debates and KKK debacle for Trump.

Ohio can propel Cruz forward in the quest to stop Donald Trump from fleecing America.

Don’t waste your vote on John Kasich, my Buckeye friends.

We cannot afford to get this one wrong, and Donald Trump has made it clear that freedom of conscience is not something he’ll let stand in his way.


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