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Newport Beach Councilman Attacked for Supporting Prayer and You Will Be Made to Care

by Bill Blankschaen Read Profile arrow_right_alt

This is how you will be made to care.

As Erick and I document in You Will Be Made to Care, the force of government is being used to force people of faith to bow at the alter of secularism—the anti-religion religion.

But most Americans will face pressure to keep their faith in a box from other sources.

Scott Peotter experienced this pressure this week when telling people about our new book You Will Be Made to Care. The pushback is more than a little ironic as it proves the very point we are trying to make.

You will be made to care about what the compassionate bullies on the Left care about.

Scott is a city councilman in Newport Beach, California.

He recently published a brief review in support of the book in his own private newsletter, paid for by his own funds.

In his own words, it is “a political newsletter, paid for by campaign funds, stating opinions, from an elected official (which is what it is).” 

In an ironic twist,  a hit piece appeared in The Los Angeles Times community section by Barbara Venezia criticizing him for—well, I’m not sure what exactly.

She complains that he likes the book and accuses him of nothing unethical in doing so, even while implying something shady is going on:

Peotter gives examples from the book, including wedding photographers fined for refusing to shoot a lesbian wedding and a fire chief who lost his job for stating in a Christian book that he believes gay sex is a sin.

I asked Peotter if he was being paid to promote Erickson’s book and he said he “wouldn’t accept money if he offered it.”

Her selective editing leaves the reader wondering, as if Scott didn’t answer the question. But, in fact he did. His email response follows:

My newsletter is paid for by my campaign committee.  The nice thing about that is that I can promote anything I choose. I am not being paid by Erick Erickson (author of YOU WILL BE MADE TO CARE), nor would I accept money if he offered it. But I would still encourage you to buy the book and read it, because as a “journalist”, I know you are interested in the facts.

Full disclosure: our publisher did send a review copy of the book to Scott, a common practice of publishers everywhere.

Casting aspersions and raising doubt is the same tactic employed by Mayor Reed and the City of Atlanta after they fired Chief Kelvin Cochran for being a Christian. Now they are facing a lawsuit that will end up costing the people of Atlanta millions.

Apparently, Barbara wouldn’t mind seeing the same thing happen to Newport Beach.

Just for fun, she tosses in concern about a prayer group Peotter promotes that meets at city hall. Of course, she presumes it to be some sort of anti-gay hate group:

Now there’s a time and a place for prayer — and City Hall isn’t it for me. But more important, could this prayer group with such a biased background offend LGBT employees at Newport City Hall?

“I don’t know how the gay employees at City Hall feel about the Episcopalians’ national debate over ordination of gay priests in the church, nor is that why the prayer group meets,” Peotter said.

He said the prayer group is not limited to any denomination and all are welcome.

Key words: “for me.” She is suggesting her own personal religious beliefs — all religions but secularism have no place in the public square — should be the standard for all.

Even the openly gay City Manager says he has no problem with prayer and that “we can use all the prayers we can get.”

Peotter’s full response to her about her concerns:

I don’t know how the gay employees at city hall feel about the Episcopalian’s national debate over Ordination of gay priests in the church. Nor is that why the prayer group meets. The good news is that the prayer group is not limited to any church, all are welcome to join in prayer for our community, even you.

Why don’t you stop by the prayer group and join them?

In other words, there is no problem here, but Venezia is doing her best to create one and pressure Peotter to get in line with her the progressive agenda.

This is how we will be made to care—and why most people tire of the fight for freedom and just give in. 

But the Left only wins if we choose to be silent. That’s how terrorism works.


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