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Kasich Scores All The Left’s Endorsements

Why John Kasich continues to haunt the campaign trail and inflict himself on us during debates is puzzling to me. He is clearly finished before a single vote is cast.

What makes that evident is all the Democratic aparatchik who happen to make up the editorial boards of liberal New England newspapers who have endorsed him. Stuart Rothenberg wrote it’s time for Kasich to stick a fork in his campaign.

The fact that Kasich has drawn compliments or endorsements from these observers guarantees that he cannot be nominated by the Republican Party this year. They don’t reflect the GOP electorate, and they aren’t looking for the kind of nominee – the kind of president – that most Republicans would prefer.

The influential Manchester Union Leader endorsed Chris Christie back in November, which got them dumped from the Feb 6 ABC News debate, for which Trump claimed credit. Christie is certainly to the left of Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, but is an acceptable candidate compared to the deluded demagogue Kasich.

The sad thing is that Kasich getting double-digits in NH can only hurt Christie and Rubio, who need all the help they can get going into South Carolina. But that’s primary politics.

Kasich has camped out in New Hampshire for months, and still can’t break past Cruz in most polls. After scoring every major newspaper endorsement, along with Hillary Clinton I might add, Kasich might have a great future ahead of him. With the Democratic party.

New Hampshire Primary Newspaper Endorsements

  • Keene Sentinel – Hillary Clinton (D), John Kasich (R)
  • Concord Monitor/Valley News – Hillary Clinton (D), John Kasich (R)
  • Foster’s Daily Democrat/Portsmouth Herald – Hillary Clinton (D), John Kasich (R)
  • Union Leader – Chris Christie (R)
  • Nashua Telegraph – John Kasich (R)
  • Bow Times – John Kasich (R)
  • Boston Globe – Hillary Clinton (D), John Kasich (R)
  • Boston Herald – Chris Christie (R)



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