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The West Must Prevent Cold War 2.0

By  |  January 2, 2017, 12:48pm  |  @stevengberman

Those Davos elites need to wake up and smell the nationalism. Read this thought-provoking analysis by John Schindler. It’s worth your time as you clean up from the holidays.

This goes a long way to explaining why the political earthquakes of 2016 were so difficult for our elites to explain. First, Britain votes to leave the European Union, leaving stunned Eurocrats gasping for breath, then America elects Donald Trump, sending all decent Westerners into paroxysms of rage, howling gigantic curses against fellow citizens who are obviously fools addled with racism. Such electoral milestones were literally unthinkable for the West’s ruling class, so they never thought about them before they happened, and many of them still cannot seem to process what has occurred.

President-elect Trump can counter Putin by uniting conservatives and moderates with globalists. Read the whole thing and let’s avoid another 50 years of Russia worry.