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House GOP Will Stop Stoners, but Not President Choom Gang

House Republicans intend to stop Washington, D.C. from legalizing marijuana. They’re going to attach the legislation as a rider to their continuing resolution/omnibus. But they will not stop President Obama’s unconstitutional executive amnesty. The most amazing thing about this is that Washington, D.C. decided to legalize marijuana through democratic action and a referendum. Barack Obama declared his own actions unconstitutional just two years ago. The | Read More »

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Leave Us Alone

The Circle of Jerks is going blind over the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll. It spells doom for everyone. In a nutshell, Americans hate the President, hate the congress, hate the Democrats, hate the Republicans, and want to burn Washington, D.C. to the ground. Politically, it is worse for the Democrats than the Republicans because Barack Obama and not George W. Bush is in | Read More »

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Commentariat Is Not Constituency

“Government is not supposed to be efficient. The Founders recognized how bad things happen in efficient governmental systems.… Efficiency breeds tyranny.” On Thursday, House Republicans failed to pass a piece of legislation related to the border crisis. The commentariat in Washington roundly criticized the House Republican leadership. On Friday, instead of trying to ram through a piece of legislation, the House GOP found consensus among | Read More »

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"I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear"
- Martin Luther King Jr.