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BREAKING: White House Civil War as Scaramucci Goes to FBI on Priebus

Overnight, Anthony Scaracmucci tweeted his intention to ask the FBI to investigate chief of staff Reince Priebus for leaking documents. CNN’s Ryan Lizza went on the air at approximately 11:40pm Wednesday night to confirm the “ambiguous tweet,” saying his sources have said Scaramucci believes Preibus leaked his financial disclosure documents. Never mind that these documents eventually become public anyway, by law, meaning it’s not a felony to “leak” them.
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Cabinet Level Revolt Over Trump’s Treatment of Jeff Sessions. “A Clusterf**k” One Secretary Calls It.

“If he can get treated that way, what about the rest of us?” one of the President’s Cabinet secretaries asked me with both shock and anger in his voice. I am told reports about Rex Tillerson (not who I talked to) are legitimate. He is quite perturbed with the President’s treatment of his Attorney General and is ready to quit. Secretary Mattis (also not who I talked to) is also bothered by it. They and other Cabinet members are already frustrated by the slow pace of appointments for their staffs, the vetoes over qualified people for not being sufficiently pro-Trump, and the Senate confirmation pace.… If the President does fire Sessions, he is going to undermine the morale and confidence of his Cabinet secretaries who have the power to undermine his agenda. Tossing the most loyal of cabinet secretaries because he had to recuse himself on the Russia matter, which itself is a self-inflicted wound by the President and no one else, would send a very strong message to the rest of the Cabinet and many others than the President will honor no loyalty.
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